Primary School Girl Gang Raped By Minors in CCP’s China

Author: FineFood & Seamoon

A shocking tragedy took place in the province of Shaanxi, in which a primary school girl was being seized to the boy’s lavatory and sexually abused by a gang of four after she had been left unattended by teachers during lessons.

The Beijing News reported that the victim’s father filed his daughter’s case with the local police, only to be later informed that the case was to be closed since all the alleged villains were under the age of 14,therefore, could not bear any criminal liability according to the law of the country. The educational authority had arranged psychological work for the girl, transferred the gang to another school, fired the school’s responsible person and issued an official warning to the teachers in charge of the lesson and the victim’s class. 

One thing that worth noticing is that in the name of protecting the girl, the local authority suggested the media and the public not spread and talk about it because it may shame the “glory” of CCP. Clearly, one girl’s suffer is not considered as a big issue in CCP’s eyes. Instead of standing by her side and accusing criminals as any civilized countries with rule of law would do, CCP’s first reaction was to cover it up and even hoped the public would pretend it had never happened. 

The girl’s nightmare is not merely a matter about the proper age of criminal responsibility, which varies among jurisdictions. It uncovers a bigger and fundamental issue of the schooling system under the CCP, which has produced morally despicable gangs, irresponsible teachers and a body of bureaucrats who failed to address the ethical problem of the four abusers. For the education authority, administrative arrangements like school transfer and disciplinary actions to the educators could satisfactorily end the matter. No wonder why this system has been failing children in China, who are supposed to be the future of the country.

The Chinese people have a pressing need for, and deserve, a better country with a system of governance that nurtures more respectful talents to serve the humanity, not the gangs manufactured by the CCP as in this case. The news can explain why the establishment of the New Federal State of China, recently announced by Mr. Miles Guo of the Whistleblower Movement, is an urgent necessity.


Disclaimer: the above opinion is the author’s personal opinion 


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