Miles: On the Global Impact of the Declaration

By 老姜, abba

The reaction of the Taiwanese general public towards the Declaration of the New Federal State of China was unexpectedly underwhelming. This is normal taking into consideration that Taiwan is already a democracy with its general public having access freely to news and information from around the world. In contrast, the reaction from the Taiwanese academia regarding the New Federal State of China has been strong. 

Although Chinese people within China were shocked by the news of the Declaration of the New Federal State of China, unfortunately due to the social and political climate within China, most of them question the authenticity of the matter.

We cannot expect the whole world to acknowledge and support us within a day. That would be unrealistic. However, we can observe from the media reports in the Western world that, indeed, our Declaration of the New Federal State of China has been the event to pose the biggest challenge to the CCP within the last 70 years. 

Primarily with the situation currently unfolding in Hong Kong, along with our formation of the New Federal State of China on June 4th that our Whistleblowers Movement have worked towards for the last 3 years, especially our dedicated reporting of the CCP virus (Covid-19), together, they pose unforeseeable threat to the CCP.

Our strategy of eliminating the CCP with integrity, justice, and unity has been extremely successful. Our Declaration read by Mr. Hai Haidong, which moved the academia within China, has motivated a large number of academia individuals to join our Whistleblowers Movement. Everything has started, we will work hard to see it through!

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Jun. 09, 2020