The “New China Federal Declaration” in the eyes of Hong Kong’s resistance

Author:Alan (HK)

Extending from the founding of June 4th to the founding of the founding of June 4th, I believe that the comrades who support the breaking of the founding of June 4th are not unfamiliar. From 2017.01.26, Chen Xiaoping from Mingjing broadcast interviewed Mr. Miles Guo for his first live broadcast. In the follow-up live broadcast, Mr. Guo repeatedly said that the day of 4th June, 2020 is the time of the CCP’s demise and the day of founding the country…

Even though , the CCP did not corrupted as scheduled this year. It doesn’t matter, we will still support Mr. Guo firmly and the Whistle Blowers Movement. What is exciting is that on June 4th, Hong Kong time, Mr. Guo and Bannon announced the establishment of the new Chinese Federation on the Hudson River, and live broadcast on the Hudson River in New York, USA, with the Statue of Liberty as the background. “New Federal State of China” vowed to overthrow the CCP.

With the beginning of the moment when the “national flag” of New China flew over New York, the legal status of the revolutionary “New Federal State of China” has been officially announced to the world, and it also means the illegality of the CCP regime . The CCP’s poisoning of the world’s extinct humanity has plunged the world into a historic disaster, and it has also triggered a consensus among many countries around the world: the global joint elimination of the Communist Party! As long as the Communists are united, the CCP’s demise will not be a dream but a matter of time.

As for our Hong Kong protesters who support the breaking news revolution, the establishment of the “New China Federation”, even if it is only a declaration, gives us more hope, more expectation, and more warmth, at least in the world. While fearing the CCP, Mr. Guo is concerned about Hong Kong, supports Hong Kong, and cares for Hong Kong! Also for more than three years of unswerving fighting the Communist Party!

Hong Kong is at the forefront of the resistance movement. This war is not over yet. Every day, people are arrested, killed, threatened, raped… In the face of the dictatorship and power of the CCP’s military government, Hong Kong people have no way out! There are only two options, one is immigration and the other is to continue to fight. ‪For us, what is most pressing now is not the effective range of the British BNO, nor is it immigration to Europe and the United States. If the CCP put another virus, is it really safe for the United Kingdom? As long as the CCP is on the earth for one more day, nowhere is safe!

Therefore, the declaration has more expectations for us, we will continue to vow to defend this free land of Hong Kong and fight! Hong Kong is our home, we will not go anywhere, let alone immigrants! Because we love Hong Kong.

Hong Kong people facing the dictatorship, we are fearless! The more you suppress, the more tenacious, you will persevere for freedom, and have no scrutiny for democracy; don’t bow your head for justice; fight to the end!

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