Another Coronavirus Doctor Died Without Clear Explanation from CCP

Author: Bannon’s Fan (班农粉)

Edited by: Justice After All (正义之师)

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At 9pm on June 1st, 2020, Dr. Tiefu Yu, a general surgeon at Gastroenterology Research Center of Qiqihaer First Hospital, had a “sudden respiratory and cardiac arrest”,  according to CCP. He was quickly brought to the closest hospital, but three hours later, he was declared dead. 

Dr. Yu was 42 years old. Only 5 days ago, he “successfully accomplished his mission” with a 126-member team helping Suifenhe Hospital (a hospital in a different city, Mu Dan Jiang) to fight COVID-19 outbreaks there. This happened the 5th day of his quarantine returning from the mission.

Dr. Yu was described as a professional who always worked extremely hard. He was also characterized as repeatedly picking the most difficult and dangerous jobs helping coronavirus patients, by “leaving hope to others, while taking risks himself”. During the recent task of “volunteering” in Mu Dan Jiang city, a city where his parents reside in, Dr. Yu didn’t inform his parents that he was there for this mission the whole time.  He didn’t want his parents to worry about him.  He was also recognized as a caring and loving parent. In his belongs left behind, there was a set of elegant hair comb and mirror, meant as a Children’s Day gift (Jun 1st) for his daughter.

From CCP’s news, we had very limited information about Dr. Tiefu Yu’s real cause of death except being told briefly due to “sudden respiratory and cardia arrest”.  With the story a few days ago about the death of nurse Xiaoxia Jiang, and large amount of flash news about other healthcare workers’ deaths, many same questions have been raised. Why so many doctors or nurses died from fighting the pandemic? Were the deaths from pre-existing health conditions? Were the deaths results of contracting COVID-19? Were they protected sufficiently for their jobs? Were their colleagues and everyone came in contact with them promptly alerted and protected? Was the general public promptly alerted and protected?

Although the news seemingly made people think their causes of deaths might be “exhaustion” from “voluntarily working hard,” one with logical thinking would be more curious and uneasy.

As the world is suffering from the vicious attacks of COVID-19, we are heavily indebted to the brave and selfless healthcare workers, who put everything on the line to save us and our society.  They deserve to be protected, remembered, and be recognized with the highest honor.

It’s sad and worrisome that all healthcare workers, government employees, and public health employees are demanded by confidentiality agreements or policies, prohibiting them from disclosing anything related to the pandemic to the public and even to their own immediate family. Anyone voicing anything that potentially makes the CCP feel embarrassed or threatened will be silenced and punished, just as the whistleblower Dr. Wenliang Li was.  Therefore, one has no way not to treat anything published under CCP’s scrutiny as “subject to verification and is most likely the very opposite of the truth”.

After this initial flash of news about Dr. Tiefu Yu, the expectation is that there won’t be any more news, articles, social media discussions about him in China any more, unless CCP finds a reason to bring up his death to serve it political agenda, for example, to make him a singled-out and “highly-processed” hero to further play mind-controlling of the people.


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Jun. 07, 2020