CCP’s Wicked Wish: A “Divided States of America” and Chaotic World

By Yamap

For more than a week. Antifa and other radical groups of its kind, have been sweeping the US in the name of “demanding justice” upon the tragic loss of George Floyd. These radicals have been rioting and looting in various locations, causing massive destruction to local residents and communities. These far-left communism extremists have been exploiting the situation and the “Black Lives Matter” campaign to further promote their violence agenda.

Unfortunately, such riots have also reached to the sacred historic St John’s Episcopal Church, which was intentionally set ablaze last weekend, resulting in a significant damage to the exterior of the building. Graffiti are also seen on the exterior wall of the church. Vandalism could also been seen at the Lincoln Memorial and WWII Memorial amid the demonstrations.

Antifa, designated as a domestic terrorist organization by the Department of Justice, has been well proven to be a professionally trained group of radicals using encrypted communications to plan and organize the riots across the US. According to earlier comment from the Department of Homeland Security, Antifa and its kind have been incited and supported by foreign sources. A federal government inquiry has been initiated for further investigation into this matter.

Apart from the curfews in place, the National Guard has also been mobilized to quell unrest in some cities. President Trump has addressed earlier that the federal government will step in if the state governments are not competent to restate law and order to protect people’s lives. These measures and messages have worked to some extent to control the situation while the riots cleaning-up processes are still underway.

At the same time, some twitter users, probably with acquiescence of the CCP, have been posting comments to sharply criticize the US government leadership under such crisis while supporting the Hong Kong police forces’ actions to tackle the so called “violent” protests in Hong Kong. Hu Xijin, a mouthpiece of CCP, has openly insulted the peaceful Hong Kong protestors as a “mastermind” behind such violence. CCP’s state media, the People’s Daily has also accused the US government of being “double standard” upon the handling of its own domestic issue while criticizing the police forces actions against protests in Hong Kong.

People need to clearly understand the difference between the riots across US and the legitimate protests in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong protestors have been legally and peacefully using their rights to defend freedom and democracy in Hong Kong in response to the outrageous national security law imposed by the CCP. In contrast, Antifa and the violent groups have been targeting innocent civilians by rioting and looting as planned, and abusing their constitutional rights of “peaceful protest” to facilitate widespread chaos in the country.

The CCP has been long suppressing the people in Hong Kong and covering up all the truth in front of the world. The Hong Kong police force and gangster group, colluding with the CCP, have plotted some of the fake violent scenes, such as smashing the ambulances by gasoline bottles, to illegally charge and arrest the innocent Hong Kong people for such crime. A large number of severe injuries can also been seen at the scene when protestors are peacefully proceeding with their demonstrations.

There have been over 10,000 abnormal deaths of Hong Kong people since last June, while the local officials have claimed that “nothing unusual” has been reported in the lack of a thorough investigation. When the Chinese official has twittered earlier that “I can’t breathe” as a support to those extremists in US, they are shamelessly turning a blind eye when thousands of Hong Kong civilians have been tortured and suffocated under the brutality of the Hong Kong police force.

The police officer who caused the tragic death of George Floyd has been charged with murder and a federal investigation is in progress. However, none of the police officers committed such crime in Hong Kong has been charged and no rule of law and justice are being served under CCP’s tyranny.

The CCP has also been covering up what is truly happening in Hong Kong and around the world to brainwash its own people in China just as it did during the Tiananmen Square Massacre 31 years ago. One of the protest scenes have even been edited to attach the CCP flag to show that the US and people around the world are “bending their knees” to ask for CCP’s rescue.

Later on, as revenge to his touch measures and actions against the CCP, President Trump has again been targeted by anonymous, defaming him as a child trafficker and pedophile via social media.

There is no coincidence. Any reasonable person will not be surprised with all these tactics if they are aware of the evil “3F scheme” of CCP. The totalitarian regime has been fully mobilizing its propaganda machines, cyber armies and silence powers to spread misinformation and incite chaos to weaken and destroy the US and crack down law and democracy around the world.

Hatred, anger and violence are perfectly fueling CCP’s power as it is so obsessed to take down the whole world under its control. Enough is enough. Anyone standing with CCP will fail as the rule of law and righteousness always prevail.

Justice will be served. For George Floyd, for the Hong Kong people, and for us all.

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Jun. 07, 2020