The Murder of Creativity in Children by CCP

Author: Doco

Edited by: Justice After All (正义之师)

Recently, a video went viral which showed a young boy doing impressions of his teacher on Douyin (a social media app) and it quickly resonated with many people. In the video, the “teacher” reprimanded the students on the “podium” for various astonishing reasons. Netizens burst into laughs and tears because it reminds of them so much their own teachers. The 13-year old young boy, Zhong Meimei, demonstrated great talent of acting with his tone switching, facial expressions and body languages especially at the last portion of the video.

However, the latest news reports that Zhong Meimei has been “coached” by the government officials to delete the video because it discredited teachers and had a very negative influence on the reputation of the education network. Meanwhile, the educational authorities have urged Zhong Meimei to shoot videos about how CCP overcame the pandemic and good deeds performed by the teachers instead.

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Originally, government officials had admitted of contacting Zhong Meimei to ask him to delete the video and promote “positive energy”. This is so ridiculous on many levels. Why did the video get so much praise on the Internet? This tells you that how the teachers treat students at school is the same as shown in the video. What’s wrong by merely stating the facts? Why proclaiming positive energy requires people to lie and violate one’s integrity? The government did not reflect on the teacher’s wrongdoings at school, but instead used the excuse of not promoting “positive energy” to silence any voice that remotely disagrees with them or mocks them.

Shortly after admitting that they have reached out to Zhong Meimei, the government authorities released another conflicting announcement claiming that they had no contact or dialogue with Zhong Meimei at all. They states that this video was deleted by Zhong Meimei himself “voluntarily”. Why would Zhong Meimei delete a video with such a great popularity and positive feedback from the netizens? The government is fooling the public blindly.

The evil hand of the CCP has reached out to children. Kids are not allowed to express any frustration on social injustice in any form of mocking or jokes, but they are expected and encouraged to use lies to beautify the chaos under CCP’s suppression and ruling. This type of “education” that destroys any creativity and oppresses human nature is purely disgusting and unberable. Young scholars under the rule of the Communist Party of China are being fed nothing else but this evil “education”, making them to subvert their understanding of right and wrong at such an early age. This will ruin another generation and it is gravely concerning.

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Jun. 07, 2020