Miles on the Global Reaction to The New Federal State of China

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 1. The success of our live broadcasting of the Founding Ceremony for the New Federal State of China in Manhattan, New York which streamed live worldwide on June 4, 2020 is contributed to the people from all over the world who support the pursuit of free will and democracy in China. There has been an outpour of international support for justice. Even the heaven above has given us its blessings.

2. The Founding Ceremony for the New Federal State of China on June 4th has made a tremendous impact on the Western world- including domestic and foreign military forces, the financial sectors and worldwide global media. The Founding Ceremony broke the typical Western stereotypes of the Chinese people. Delivered by China’s national soccer hero, Mr. Hao Haidong, The Declaration of the New Federal State of China and the following interview of Mr. Hao alongside his wife, Mrs. Ye Zhaoying, who herself is a renowned badminton world champion, had shown the whole world that Chinese citizens do not need the evil CCP nor its “services” it provides to the people. The CCP has no means to represent China and its people any longer. It is simply an autocratic, illegitimate organization in China.

3. The CCP is using its various forces to threaten Mr. Hao and Mrs. Ye’s elderly parents, children and other relatives, harassing the enterprises and sports academies in China and other countries they are associated with. As a result, Mr. Hao’s son, Hao Runze, was released from his soccer club, Radnički Niš in the Serbian SuperLiga. People all over the world are offering assistance to Mr. Hao and Mrs. Ye. The world will definitely stand by them.

4.Hao Heidong and Ye Zhaoying have become trending topics and topped internet searches throughout the world with more than 2 billion searches within 24 hours. News agencies in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Africa have all been reporting about this social media phenomenon. This turning the friends of our enemy into our own friends is so powerful and such a feat to achieve.

5. The core concept of a nation rests on a foundation of shared beliefs, shared wellbeing, shared trust, shared interests, shared values and shared outlook of the world. This newly defined nation requires no land, authority or currency to declare legitimacy.

6. On June 4th, there were dark and ominous clouds overcasting the Manhattan skies. Extraordinarily, after Mr. Miles Guo said his prayers, the sun broke through the clouds, and the planes were able to take off and fly through the skies. According to New York City regulations and guidelines, the electronic billboards in the world famous Times Square and the signs on New York taxis are not allowed to promote any political themes. However, with special privilege, the video banners of the New Federal State of China were granted permission to be displayed. Countless fellow Whistleblowers worked day and night with a very limited budget in preparation for the day of the Declaration. It was a tremendous job well done. The route of the planes flying our banners and national flags started from the Chinese Consulate in New York and made its way to Manhattan and the Hudson River, piquing interests from New Yorkers and the rest of the world.

7. The CCP provided major funding and participation support to the Antifa riots across America. Secretary of State, Mr. Mike Pompeo, had tweeted that the CCP has clearly been working behind the scenes and gave assurance that the CCP will definitely fail in its attempts. This is a great blessing from above for the Whistleblowers. The world and the United States will stand stronger with the Whistleblowers as the CCP executes stronger threats on the United States and the rest of the World.

8. Our Whistleblower Movement cannot be deviated by any extremism, nationalism or racism. We shall strive to embody what Mr. Steve Bannon has advocated. We are a movement of the people, by the people, for the people. We pursue the rule of law and democracy. We will not engage in idolization in any shape or form of any individual.

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Jun. 06, 2020