CCP holds military drill with live-shooting in the Bohai Sea

As a world coalition is being formed against the threats from the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese totalitarian regime starts a military drill with live-fire between June 5 and 10 at the Bohai Sea.

The Bohai Sea, a gulf of the Yellow Sea in northern China, serves as a “firing range” for the Chinese military during a military drill to test CCP’s war plan for invading Taiwan.

The CCP is currently conducting a two-month-long military drill between May 14 and July 31 in the region near the city of Tangshan, the announcement of a live-shooting drill one day after June 4th sends a clear warning to Taiwan and other neighboring countries.

In August, the aircraft carriers Liaoning and Shandong will be deployed together in the Yellow Sea’s Bohai Bay for combat readiness drills which could include a simulation of a future assault on Taiwan’s Dongsha, or Pratas, Islands, according to the Global Times, Taiwan News and reports from Australia.

Video: Defense News – China’s planned military exercise in South China Sea worries neighbors
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Jun. 06, 2020