6-year Old Girl Abused in School by Teacher

Author: Doco

Editor: Justice After All (正义之师)

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Recently, a mom of a 6-year old girl reached out for help through a social media post. She cried that a school teacher named Liu Yan in mainland China punished her daughter to run around the playground for 10 laps when she knew that this 6-year old girl has asthma and any vigorous exercise can trigger an asthma attack. This child indeed ended up having an asthma attack, vomiting a large amount of blood and experiencing a high fever for several days, and eventually she was left with sequelae and permanent neurological damage. This poor little girl played violin since she was 3 years old, and she had so much potential. Because of the tremor as a serious complication from the incident, her dream of becoming a violinist could be forever taken away. Her parents tried to report this incident to the police first, but they refused to file for a case. The mom had no other choice but to seek for help on the Internet and hoped that Liu Yan would have to take legal consequences under the pressure of public opinion.

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Thousands of words of complaint could not express a mother’s uncurable pain and anger when her daughter was abused by a teacher and now suffers severe traumatic injury physically and psychologically. The post also expressed the despair of being a mother because no law system in China would stand by her side. Liu Yan was not investigated or charged by the police, and instead she was still teaching at school, probably harming other children as we speak. At the same time, the parents’ appeal was ignored or dismissed without any explanation.

After the incident gained public attention on social media, netizens expressed sympathy for the mother and child, and called for the police to thoroughly investigate the suspect and bring her to justice.

To everybody’s disappointment, after the alleged investigation by Guangzhou police, the mother’s statement suddenly took a sharp turn and became extremely inconsistent with her previous claims. A public announcement by the concerning local educational authority stated that the Mom had lied about everything and the “blood” was just dye from cosmetics, and she could not provide any documents of her daughter being hospitalized. What had happened here? Was she coerced to change her statement by law enforcement or local authorities? Why would a reasonable mother purposefully smear a teacher who had the power to assign grades to her daughter and jeopardize the treatment her daughter receives at school ? Was there corruption involved with Liu Yan who appears to have better family background and social status, and the police did her a favor?

A case like this calls for fairness, impartiality, and transparency, but we all know that one can only dream rule of law in CCP’s territory.

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Jun. 06, 2020