Miles Guo: Opening Remarks for the Declaration of New Federal State of China

By 老姜、Zion文恩

Dear Friends-in-arms, my fellow brothers and Sisters in China:

Today marks the thirty first anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. At the Statue of Liberty in New York, I am very excited and honored to present the establishment of the New Federal States of China.

We are honored to be joined by our dear Mr. Steve K. Bannon, a real freedom fighter, a true friend of the Chinese people. We really appreciate what you have done for the Chinese people, as well as cherish those risks you’ve taken to come forward with us. Our gathering here today for the founding ceremony, as is substantiated by Mr. Bannon, has drawn the attention from nearly 100 countries in the world.

We have been caught in this dreadful pandemic throughout the world. This demon of plague has claimed 380 thousand of brothers and sisters around the world till now, and the list goes on. As our friends and heroes supporting the Whistleblower Movement has pointed out, it is the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, that unleashed the virus to intimidate the peaceful appeal for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong, and further to threaten Taiwan. The gangs of the CCP should be held accountable for this viral warfare. We shall no longer allow the CCP to manufacture biochemical weapons, nor will it allow to continue to threaten the security and freedom of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The freedom of a people to determine its qualified leaders is the basis of liberty, not the opposite. The Chinese people suffered the deprivation of personal properties and privatization of public power for 70 years, and few in the western world should even know. Over seventy years, the CCP established a regime with deception, devastation, and in a word, a nightmare. What Chairman Xi Jinping proposed, the alleged Chinese Dream, has been nothing but a total curse for Chinese people. No more dreams for China, no more nightmares for the world, and be more actions!  No sooner had the CCP been eliminated than there was safety, decent and wealthy lifestyle with no more fears for the Chinese people. Never will it ever be permitted to treat China as a state of slavery. And, nothing is inevitable and the CCP is doomed.

On behalf of tens of millions of followers to the Whistleblower Movement, I solemnly declare that the CCP regime will be illegal and obsolete hereafter.

The New Federal States of China shall have a legal system to protect democracy, and to defend rule of law by peaceful people with strong faith. Private properties shall be safeguarded under the constitution while cannot be determined by the kleptocratic few. Public powers shall never be privatized by the brutal few. Our new government must be elected for, by, and of the people, by means of “one person one vote”. We must regain the right to equality, kindness and fairness in our life. We will never stop until we reach our goals.

The world has been watching us today as the Whistleblower Movement engages in this new legitimate process to the downfall of the CCP. Here in the city of New York, where we stand on the holy field to the Battle of Brooklyn, we commemorate those honored dead for their sacrifice. It reminds me what Thomas Jefferson has said, quote “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” end of the quote.  We will preserve, protect and defend our Declaration with blood, toil, and sweat. So, help us, the Lord.

Thirty-one years ago, almost the same day, protesting students in the Tiananmen Square came across their devastation. Early morning on June 4, 1989, massive gunshots rang out under the Beijing sky. Those students shed bloods on their way seeking for freedom and democracy to the Chinese people. Today, with those spirits, I am so honored to be joined by Mr. Bannon, that we etch a line on the pillar of history, when the voice that echoed for thirty years, from the young crowds in the Tiananmen Square, finally reached the shore of the Statue of Liberty. We pledge ourselves to the faiths, the actions and our bloods inspired by the Tiananmen Martyrs on their road unfinished.

Thank you, my friends-in-arms, for all your efforts!

Thank you, United States of America! God bless this scared land!

Thank God Almighty!

Now, it is my great honor of presenting Mr. Steve K. Bannon, and Mr. Hao Haidong, a former distinguished soccer player, with his wife Madam Ye Zhaoying, a former distinguished badminton player, to deliver the Declaration in both English and Chinese.

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