Assembly of the Celebration of the Founding of the New Federal State of China(III)

When Mr. Bannon and Mr. Guo (Miles) stood in front of the Statue of Liberty and announced the founding of the New Federal State of China, I know that from this moment on, the Chinese people will begin to connect with the world! Freedom, democracy and rule of law are no longer far away from the Chinese people. We are truly embracing the universal values and safeguarding peace in the world. This is our hope. There is still a lot to work ahead of us until we take down the CCP and restore freedom in every inch of soil of China.

The first time I got to know Mr. Bannon was when he was in charge of President Trump’s campaign. At that time, not many people expected Mr. Trump to win the election, since he was a new face in the political arena. But with Mr. Bannon’s help, President Trump achieved his goal and it made people look at him in a new light.

The second time I heard about him was during the intense crisis in The Whistleblower Movement. He was invited by Wang Qishan “in his pajamas” to a negotiation. When everyone was worried that he would be “BGY”ed by the CCP, he chose to stand with Mr. Guo Wengui. And together they went on the path to take down the CCP.

Fortunately, on this path that has no turning back, Mr. Bannon has shown us his incredible fortitude, integrity, endeavour and kindness. He speaks with precision and passion; his character firm and indomitable; his manner calm and dignified. He’s always steady but strikes hard. It all made us respect and admire him even more.

Thousands of years of waiting has become fruitful today!
Thanks to all the friends who helped us establish the New Federal State of China!
I could not have been prouder to be a witness of this historic moment!
The New Federal State of China is our home state. She is our child, who was born because of all our endeavour. She carries our hope and we need to take good care of her.
Leaving all the suffering behind, we stand as our new selves to fight the old enemy. everything has already begun!


In the past few years, Mr. Wen Gui has put in tremendous efforts and overcome countless challenges to unite the justice alliances from around the world, forming an overwhelming force to the destruction of CCP. Today is the 4th of June, a very special day. In the spotlight, the long-awaited founding of the New Federal State of China was declared to the world. Thank you Mr. Wen Gui. Thank you Mr. Bannon who represents the international justice forces. Thank you, all the fellow fighters who sliently contributed to the Whistleblower Movement!
Himalaya will always be in my heart!
——Qian Shuiwan

Mr. Hao Haidong said
Those who declaims to be good to you
Are, in fact, trying to put shackles on your free mind
They trample the pursuit of freedom
CCP has already represented (taken away) everything we’ve got
As Mr. Guo told us, they always
Exhaust the good words while committing the worst crimes
CFA, was just on of the obvious examples where rules were distorted by the CCP regime
Everyone of us can illustrate the absurdity of the system using our own experience
Yet ridiculous things have been kept happening in China year after yea

It’s time for a change
Mr. Hao said, the decision to come forward
is the best decision that they have ever made

They made this courageous decision today
not only for themselves but also for their children
There are no “what-if’s in life
There are only acts of conscience that we will never regret upon


On June 4th, 2020, we all witnessed the miracle: right before the ceremony, it was cloudy and thunder rumbled. The moment Mr. Guo (Miles) and Mr. Bannon (Steve) jointly announced the founding of the New Federal State of China, the sun came out in the clear sky. Mr. Guo shouted, thank you God! Then right after the ceremony, a thunderstorm arrived and it was dark as night.
This was God’s blessing! The Bible says, “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.” And then God said:” Many hardships and perplexing circumstances confront the righteous, but the Lord rescues him from them all. He keeps all his bones; Not one of them is broken.” May God be with us and with the New Federal State of China. Amen!

I watched Mr. Guo roaring emotionally “Take down CCP!”. I watched him bite his finger (to stamp on the declaration with his blood). When it started pouring right after the reading of the declaration, I could barely hold back my tears. I was fortunate to encounter and follow the Whistleblower Movement. It is a blessing from God. On June 4, 2020, the New Federal State of China was founded. From that moment on, we became its citizens. We will strive for its prosperity for the rest of our lives!


31 years! Salute to the ancestors that went on streets and fought for the freedom and democracy of the Chinese people!
3 years! Salute to Mr. Guo Wengui, who have been shouting in front of the camera every day for the equality and dignity of our sisters and brothers!
1 year! Salute to Hong Kongers who have been fighting day and night for 365 days for independence and justice!
I applaud the endurance and persistence that I demonstrated by following Mr. Guo Wengui for the past 3 years!
Last but not least, congratulations to the New Federal State of China!

Today, at this historic moment, I am tearfully touched. On behalf of my family and my children, I want to extend my gratitude to all my fellow fighters who have been following the Whistleblower Movement!
Thanks Mr. Guo, thanks Mr. Bannon, thanks President Trump and thank you, all the fellow fighters who have been working very hard behind the scene!
——Feng Hui Lu Zhuan

I am not good at the gushing words, but I would like to say that it is the most fulfilling thing to be alongside millions of fellow fighters in the Whistleblower Movement that was led by Mr.Miles Guo. My children would be proud of my current endeavour. I will keep following my true self. Thank You Miles Guo.

——Ya Zhi

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