Former Top Soccer Player Hao Haidong is Banned from Major Sports BBS

Author: Justice After All (正义之师)

Jun 4, 2020 (Beijing Time) marks the historical moment of the founding of the New Federal State of China in human history, a country that fights for the freedom, rule of law and democracy of 1.4 billion Chinese.  Along with Mr. Miles Kwok and Mr. Steve Bannon, at the witness of millions of people worldwide, former China’s top soccer player Mr. Hao Haidong announced the Declaration of the New Federal State of China.

Shortly after the ceremony, during an interviewwith Lu De, Mr. Hao and his wife Mrs. Ye Zhaoying, a world champion and countless gold-medal winner in playing badminton, disclosed how CCP’s totalitarian regime had oppressed professional athletes and destroyed the spirit of sports especially that of professional soccer in China. Being familiar with CCP’s stringent internet censorship, netizens are not shocked to find out that Mr. Hao was retaliated by CCP immediately. His name has been filtered out of the database on a major sports forum Hupu. All blogs, video clips, discussions, comments and photos regarding him were eliminated from the website by “the order of concerning authorities”.

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Mr. Hao and his wife Mrs. Ye chose to support the Whistleblower Movement because they have first-hand information and personal experience with CCP’s habitual violation of human rights and its monumental incompetency in creating a healthy environment for professional sports due to its massive bureaucracy and corruption. Mr. Hao is one of the bravest celebrities who stand up against CCP’s dictatorship for the pursuit of rule of law and democracy in China, unlike Jackie Chan, who has lost his backbone and openly supported CCP’s unilateral “National Security Law” against Hong Kong to sabotage the “One Country, Two Systems” agreement. It takes an enormous amount of courage and commitment to stand tall against a tyranny as all his family and friends can be taken by CCP as hostages.

CCP never hesitates to deploy its state media domestic or abroad to attack or smear anyone who remotely disagrees with its brutality and coercion, either celebrities or government officials from other countries. Mr. Pompeo was recently awarded the title of “#1 Public Enemy” repeatedly by CCTV (CCP’s state media) for supporting HK and questioning the origin of the coronavirus.  It is, as a matter of fact, equivalent to a Medal of Freedom if a person is being targeted by CCP ferociously. We congratulate Mr. Hao who has made it to the “blacklist” of CCP because you are the hero of China and the rest of the free world by embracing freedom, democracy, and human rights. The glory will only grow in magnitude if Mr. Hao ends up being completely blocked out of CCP’s designated search engine, Baidu, if not bombarded. Cheers!

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Thank you very much

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郝海东说出了在土共的恶魔体制下,各种专业领域里人才的被摧残被浪费。从现在起, 更多的墙内同胞会站出来,干掉ccp!


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Jun. 04, 2020