Assembly of the Celebration of the Founding of the New Federal State of China (II)

I appreciate Mr. Miles Guo for leading us to this extraordinary moment. Miles Guo has been preparing for ten thousand days and fighting for a thousand days just for what we have achieved today. Participating in the Whistleblower Movement is the honor of a lifetime!

——Li Guo Yao

Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP! Take down the CCP!
——Sunshine Head

I want to go to Himalaya.
No matter how long the dark is
I shall wait until the dawn
I wish to return home
I wish to meet my parents

When the sun shines on her territory
Whoever is not delighted?
Which demon does not panic?

No matter how far the Himalaya is
I shall go forward
There is freedom
There is dignity

When I serve mere duty
How can God not be moved
How can God not be merciful?

——Noah‘s Ark

All of our family are watching this live broadcast and we could not stop applauding when Mr. Guo (Miles) and Mr. Bannon (Steve) read the Joint Declaration right in front of the Statue of Liberty. It has been raining like cats and dogs since early morning and we were worried whether this live broadcast can go smoothly, but thanks for Mr. Guo, who prayed for God and Creators to bless our new-borned New Federal State of China. The sun came out, and clouds cleared after Mr. Guo’s prayers. We are all blessed by God.
——Ai Li

From 7:37 PM on June 4, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo and Steven Bannon delivered the strongest message of this era and the Chinese people in front of the Statue of Liberty: Only by taking down the CCP can the Chinese people have the Rule of Law, Democracy, Freedom of Religion, and to achieve peace and prosperity for all the nationalities. I am more than excited to be a part of this great historical moment.
—— Xin Sheng

Following Mr. Miles Guo and Steven Bannon’s shouting of “Take down CCP” for 5 times, respectively, The New Federal State of China was born! Freedom, Democracy, and Rule of Law, which had been entirely demolished by the CCP, are the core values of the Declaration of the New Federal State of China.. God bless the New Federal State of China, God bless our new country! (Shi Han)
——Shi Han

I am a big soccer fan. I usually play soccer in the field every weekend. because of this hobby I got to know many famous soccer players, Mr. Hao Haidong being one of them. Mr. Hao was dubbed “Great Cannon” (referring to those who dare to voice themselves fearlessly) in mainland China because of his courage and authenticity. Today, Mr. Hao stood up and read the Declaration passionately, voicing for billions of Chinese people who pursue freedom and rule of law. This is the greatest, loudest and most powerful “shot” that Mr. Hao has ever fired. We are all part of this great historic moment. We will be witnessing the tremendous impact this “cartridge” deals in history!
God bless China and everyone with a kind heart!
——You Yang

At the end of Mr. Steve Bannon and Mr. Miles Guo’s opening speech, I heard the hoarse roar of Mr. Guo, shouting “Take down CCP! Terminate CCP!” He’s been bearing too much of the unjust CCP imposed, carrying on his shoulder all the suffering that his friends, colleagues and fellow fighters have gone through. How much strength and courage does it take to keep on fighting for a thousand days, even ten thousand days! We firmly believe that you will lead us to triumph and CCP will be overthrown. We will fight alongside you until the very end!
——Li Guohui

Because I have been succumbing to you, you think I would never fly.
But this time I am about to prove you wrong. My transformation is beyond your imagination.
The fire of evil will eventually distinguish, the seed of kindness will at last sprout.
Who would have expected a chrysalis
to turn into a beautiful butterfly, flapping her wings and illuminating the sky!

Finally June 4th is here! All seem to be blessed by God. The great Whistleblower Movement, the great America, the great Chinese people, a great era! I am really grateful that I can witness the founding of the New Federal State of China and the Himalaya supervisory organizations. The future so worth looking forward to as this is just the beginning!
——Wen Yong

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