Why was HK Financial Secretary in tears?

Author : ILoveJustice(HKer)

“Tears are the silent language of grief, ” said Voltaire. Every carder of the Chinese Communist Party is a veteran liar who lives on lies and lies for a living, but Paul Chan Mo-po, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, was grieved to tears at the eve of the economic sanctions imposed by the United States. Poor Paul shed tears while touting that Hong Kong’s financial status maintained in good shape despite the upcoming sanctions on Monday (June 2nd), making him an awkward liar among the brazen hypocrite carders in the government of the Special Administrative Region (SAR).

Paul Chan Mo-po, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, was in tears when he strived to appear composed on a press release. (Photo: Stand News)

Chan’s tears are no crocodile tears. He is the first one who faces the music in the SAR government. When most of the officials are indulging themselves in the misinformation of pro-Beijing media, Poor Chan has sensed the termination of the SAR government as the city’s foreign currency reserve assets are draining. In May, at least 30% of foreign investors who remain in Hong Kong expressed their intention to leave, and in June, flocks of citizens are withdrawing their money from pro-Beijing banks, including HSBC, BOC, and Standard Charted.

Citizens queued for opening an account at Citibank. (Photo: Sing Tao Daily)

Singapore has been a new destination for deposit outflows from Hong Kong. Last October, the Monetary Authority of Singapore said that foreign-currency deposits by non-bank customers rose 52 percent to a record SGD 12.8 billion. The figure in April skyrocketed to 27.0 billion, up 110%. Chan knows, possibly better than anyone else in the government, that Hong Kong is at stake. His job is to ease the panic with words, unfortunately, his lip service was betrayed by his tears. After all, tears come from the heart and not from the brain.

Chan has good reason to feel desperate. Early in 1903, Prince Qing channeled his tremendous amount of deposit from a Chinese bank to HSBC. His move spurred a bank run, and soon Last Emperor Puyi abdicated when his regime bankrupted. History repeats. The depletion of foreign currency reserve and the erosion of legitimate authority have pushed Hong Kong SAR to the verge of a failed state.

When thousands of youngsters of his son’s age died at the hands of black cops, Chan blamed the young protesters “rioters”; when hundreds of girls younger than his daughter were assaulted and raped, Chan kept silent. But when the foreign currency reserved assets are depleting, Chan cried in front of the cameras for the death knell of the SAR government. Moreover, he did not forget to blame the US for imposing sanctions on Hong Kong, which amounts to Chan’s another betrayal of his origin—he was raised by an American family.

Poor Paul has betrayed his family and his hometown with lies and immorality for life. In July 2018, Wang Jian, the white gloves of the CCP’s dirty hands, was wrapped up in a shroud when he was still breathing and shedding tears! Twelve years later, Paul Chan, the walking dead, was pushed to the doomed end in fears and tears.

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Jun. 03, 2020