CCP is Doomed to Fail in Hong Kong

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Edited by: Justice After All (正义之师)

On May 29, CCP’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian commented at a regular press conference that Pompeo ’s remarks regarding Hong Kong “completely violated the basic norms of international relations and seriously interfered in China ’s internal affairs.” CCP knows it is doomed to fail catastrophically in Hong Kong and it is trembling that all these actions are destined to end their plundering from Hong Kong when its economy collapses.

Originally, CCP has promised to keep Hong Kong under the “one-country, two systems” principle free of China’s socialism, and that Hong Kong’s capitalist system and its way of life would remain unchanged for a period of 50 years until 2047. On the contrary, they started to interfere at their whims without respecting the treaty. In retrospect, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997 on the presumption that China would honor Sino-British Joint Declaration, which is the treaty between the United Kingdom and China on 19 December 1984 in Beijing. It entered into force on 27 May 1985, and was registered by the Chinese and British governments at the United Nations on 12 June 1985. In reality, in 1997 UK only needs to return New Territories, one of the three main regions of Hong Kong after 99 years’ lease expired under the terms signed on 9 June 1898. When Hong Kong and Kowloon were ceded, they were to remain with British forever. Hong Kong and Kowloon were more vibrant in economy than New Territory. Of course CCP craved for them.

In 1984, CCP had already failed to recognize these Hong Kong and Kowloon treaties.  CCP negotiated aggressively in 1984 with the British government asking for the return of both Hong Kong and Kowloon, with the ambition in mind that China needed to keep HK prosperous under “one country, two systems” in order to take over Taiwan in the future. The most senior leader of CCP at that time, Deng Xiaoping realized Hong Kong would help to accelerate mainland China’s development after his visit to Japan and Southeast Asia in 1978. Originally the arrogant CCP leaders back in those days assumed that their “Central Kingdom” was the most developed region and Southeast Asia was in a stone age instead.  Obviously, Deng was surprised to see much more developed economies beyond his horizon and imagination, which inspired him to sketch out the plan to accelerate mainland China’s development by utilizing Hong Kong as a catalyst. “One country, two systems” was proposed by Madam Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to avoid the loss of investors’ confidence and HK’s continued prosperity.

On May 27, 2020, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared Hong Kong was “no longer autonomous”, putting its special designation into uncertainty. It is crucial to remember that year 2020 is merely the 23rd year of the 50 years’ agreement.

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The world is flabbergasted that CCP unilaterally terminated the Joint Sino-British Declaration treaty, without the respect of universal values or the rule of law, exactly the same as when they torn up the treaty of Nanking and treaty of Beijing in 1984 and tossed them into the wind.

The Treaty of Nanking signed in 1842, along with a copper case containing the wax seal of Queen Victoria, is displayed at an exhibition of diplomatic archives at the National Palace Museum.

Once again the CCP’s spokesman added, all obligations stipulated in the Joint Declaration “have already been fulfilled and the treaty is now a historical document” even though the terms of agreement have not yet been met.

Why is CCP doomed to fail in Hong Kong?

CCP has a lot more at stake in Hong Kong than US does. US decides to rescind the Special Status given to Hong Kong based on the fact that HK no longer remains autonomous. CCP understands very well it needs a strong economy for maintaining the stability of its totalitarian regime. Its doctrine of communism aims at enslaving the innocent Chinese people for personal gain the same as a parasite is feeding off its host. Communism dictates that everything is owned by CCP regime, ultimately all wealth or properties are at the disposal of its senior officials or those kleptocrats, and the rest of the “ordinary people” are deprived of the natural rights to own any property. Its economy has been greatly weakened since the Trade War with US and it is increasingly dependent on Hong Kong currency peg with US dollar (USD). While USD is strong and stable, this peg would allow CCP to further take advantage of USD. Through corruption and dirty businesses by way of mafia’s practices, CCP has abused Hong Kong’s reputation as a financial center to launder their RMB. The money is then used to purchase personal assets overseas particularly in the western countries.

Without a special status, investors would not remain confident in Hong Kong’s economic market which would result in flee of capitals. Other benefits that CCP has been reaping from Hong Kong are as follows:

  1. Chinese businesses tapped into Hong Kong’s debt market for 33% of their $165.9 billion total debt offshore in USD funding.
  2. HK has provided gateway for foreigners to buy mainland China’s stocks.
  3. Chinese banks hold substantial amount of assets in Hong Kong that account for about 9% of China’s GDP
  4. Chinese US dollar bond issuances are reputable in Hong Kong.
  5. Bulk of foreign direct investment continues to channel through Hong Kong. Foreign direct investment has reached $64.2 billion globally in 2019, of which $19.7 billion was through mainland China and $33 billion was via Hong Kong.

Knowing it would lose these benefits from Hong Kong, CCP claims that US is interfering with Hong Kong matter and stresses that this is “an internal affairs of China” while major humanitarian crisis is witnessed by the free world. US is merely not reciprocating when CCP doesn’t abide by the treaty. In 2019, the congress passed a law to review annually the autonomous status of Hong Kong, and evaluate the outcome by Secretary Pompeo. The Sino-British treaty is registered with UN and both US and UK have raised the autonomy issue at Security Council, following protocols prescribed by the rule of law.

CCP fabricated Hong Kong’s “National Security Law” to further benefit kleptocrats themselves in order to arrest dissidents and confiscate assets. HK’s democratic process is severely compromised by CCP when they lied they would uphold the way of HK’s life for 50 years. It sure didn’t live up to its promise which compelled HK people to protest peacefully even though they were threatened, beaten up, tortured, shot and even murdered since last year, and their human rights have been severely sabotaged by CCP. Hong Kong politicians such as Carrie Lam refuse to fulfill their roles of representing people’s voices, instead they collude with the dictators in Beijing to oppress HK people who strive for democracy and freedom. Those HK traitors kneeled down in front of their master in Beijing to bring in brutal military forces manipulated by CCP who were donned in Hong Kong police uniforms. No other country, other than CCP itself, is undermining the stability of Hong Kong and interfering with Hong Kong’s autonomous status. Mao once said “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. Their whole beliefis built on nothing but violence and oppression.

CCP blames US for “interference” and continues to be on the destructive path dealing with Hong Kong and its protesters. They are dragging themselves down the cliff. CCP has committed atrocities in Hong Kong and the Apple Daily has reported that 9,000 protestors have been arrested, among which many were raped and murdered as shown in a YouTube video letter addressed to Pres. Trump.

This letter reports that “Hong Kong has become the largest money launder center and the capital of the corrupted funds stolen by the corrupted officials. The CCP is staging a world class deception to suck up trillions US dollars while dressing Hong Kong up as an autonomous and legitimate city. Please recall your investment bankers from Hong Kong. Your US Capital will be put into better use at home than to grow cancers in China and then spread to the rest of the World.”

Sarcastically, US should quickly repatriate all the US capitals back home and starve CCP into liquidity. All assets class and professionals along with Hong Kong people should leave the country and leave an empty city for CCP.

CCP is worried about the likelihood of Chinese “military students” being deported home and CCP’s Foreign Ministry spokesman blames the US has “eaten up its words”. The good intention of US for providing better education for the world has been brutally abused; students with military background were recruited as spies by CCP and they flocked to US with an evil agenda. Researchers under the CCP’s Thousand Talents program conducted massive espionage activities and stole priceless intellectual properties. Stopping these spies is part of Pres. Trump’s draining the swamp effort by ejecting those kleptomania from their homeland.

As Kyle Bass posted on Twitter, “Beijing wants to keep the benefits it reaps from Hong Kong’s status as a free and independent place while taking away those very freedoms. This is our opportunity to make China understand it can’t do both.”

CCP is doomed to fail with its malicious intention on Hong Kong by pedaling backwards from democracy and universal values. The law and justice held dearly by the free world does not seem to be on the CCP’s side.


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