COVID-19 Vaccine Race: Another Gimmick by CCP

Author: Horus莲花

Edited by: Justice After All (正义之师)

On May 22, CCP media announced that “Clinical trial results of Academician Chen Wei’s COVID-19 vaccine: all have a positive immune response”. The media called it ” the world’s first human clinical data of the COVID-19 vaccine.” This is the CCP’s tactic to show dominance by claiming that it had a “major breakthrough” in developing COVID-19 vaccine. However, according to the performance of science and technology development under the rule of the CCP, I can assert that the CCP will lose in this race of developing a COVID-19 vaccine. CCP’s efforts will eventually become a gimmick without substantial contributions to vaccine development.

According to various media reports, about 100 teams around the world are developing COVID-19 vaccines. Each team hopes to have the first breakthrough. Such competition is of course a good thing. No matter who wins, it is good for the entire human race. So why would I be pessimistic about the CCP research team? This is based on historical facts and the profound reasons behind it.

Human knowledge and development of vaccines are interwoven with the development of modern science. The earliest modern vaccine was born in 1796 when Edward Jenner, an English physician, who tested the original vaccine against smallpox on his gardener’s 8-year-old son with pus scraped from cowpox blisters. The real development of the vaccine was at the end of the 19th century about 100 years later after the smallpox experimenter. During this period European scientists and doctors developed vaccines for such as cholera, rabies, tetanus, typhoid, and plague. In the 20th century, scientists have developed dozens of new vaccines.

Whether a vaccine is successful requires testing its efficacy and safety. Vaccines are for healthy people and the purpose is to protect healthy people from viruses. Its essence is to stimulate the body’s immune system to produce effective antibodies, which can not only eliminate or resist the invading virus but also “remember” the characteristics of this virus. Once the body is invaded later again, the immune system can use the “memory” and rapidly produce antibodies to resist the invasion. As an analogy, viruses are like foes sneaking into a country. If the defense system does not recognize the foes, then they can quickly use the country ’s resources to populate the country with more foes, and eventually, carry out internal attacks at the country. The role of the vaccine is like using troops similar to these foes for training purposes. So the defense system can not only find these foes and send forces to eliminate them, but also record the characteristics of these foes in the defense system. Months, years, and even decades later, once foes with such characteristics trigger the monitoring system, the defense system could quickly equip and mobilize forces to eliminate the enemies based on records. This is the efficacy of the vaccine, that is, the body produces antibodies that can last for a while, and can “remember” the characteristics of the virus. The safety of the vaccine means that the vaccine itself will not bring disease or other complications to healthy people. Otherwise, the real virus has not yet come, but the vaccine has wounded the host. In this case the vaccine becomes not only useless but also harmful.

Based on the history of developing vaccines in the world, and the efficacy and safety of the vaccine itself, I believe that the CCP team of scientists cannot win this competition. Why so? First of all, of the dozens of important vaccines developed by the scientists, which one was developed by the Chinese scientist in China? None. There is no history and experience of success. Secondly, China’s vaccine production is mostly based on the experience and research achievements of the Western countries in the past. Even so, vaccine manufacturers in China led by CCP have a bad record of scandals. To name a few: the Shanxi vaccine incident in 2007 caused a large number of poisoning and deaths (the truth is still “unknown”); Dalian rabies vaccine case in 2003; Jiangsu Yanshen vaccine falsification case; Changsheng and Wuhan invalid Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis vaccine (DPT) vaccine case in 2018. How can a team with no successful R & D experience or encouragement of critical thinking, under leadership who has absolutely no expertise in the field, and with no ethics or rule of law, ensure people that it can develop a highly-challenging vaccine as COVID-19 vaccine?

This is not to say that Chinese scientists are not good by any means. On the contrary, China has quite some outstanding scientists and talents. For example, in the world map of vaccine research and development, the Chinese scientist who might be able to gain a foothold in it is Mr. Zhou Jian, who has been considered as the co-inventor of the cervical cancer vaccine. Mr. Zhou and his wife first synthesized the cervical cancer virus protein particles in Australia in 1990. It then took 16 years to develop the final vaccine until 2006. Under a dictatorship system of the Chinese Communist Party, the government, enterprises, and research institutes all believe in cutting corners. There is no environment for scientists to pursue truth and respect facts, which is necessary for authentic scientific research.

Therefore, based on China’s past vaccine development record and the CCP’s contamination in the scientific world, it is impossible to develop an effective, safe, and mass-producing-ready COVID-19 vaccine in China. However, according to the CCP ’s consistent manner, its propaganda machine will regularly release the latest progress of vaccine research, claiming being ahead of international competition, and continue to deceive Chinese people living behind the firewall. Once the world’s qualified pharmaceutical companies produce real vaccines, CCP leaders will secretly use imported vaccines.

In fact, China and the world must be prepared for the possibility that the COVID-19 vaccine will not appear in the short term or even in the long term. There are many viruses and infectious diseases in the world without vaccines, such as AIDS, dengue fever, and malaria. The research and development of AIDS vaccines began in the 1980s, and no effective vaccine has been developed yet. Although there is no vaccine, these diseases can be well treated and controlled by drugs, which allow patients to be treated respectfully and humanely. Life is perishable. Preserving the dignity of the ones with terminal conditions and the quality of life is as important as, if not more than medical treatment and disease control. In retrospection of the spread of the virus in Wuhan, how many people died without dignity or died in indifference? How many families are fragmented and couldn’t even say goodbye to each other in those life and death moments? How many people have suffered discrimination and inhumane treatment in the name of “controlling the epidemic”?

The root cause of this tragedy is not the virus itself, but the Communist Party ’s 70-year totalitarian rule of the Chinese people and encroachment of the free world. While developing a vaccine for COVID-19 is crucial, Chinese people are also in desperate need of a “CCP vaccine”, a vaccine that can resist the deadly “virus” of Communism itself and help the immune system generate antibodies to resist propaganda and foster critical thinking. Hopefully, this unfortunate pandemic, Hong Kong’s struggle for autonomy, and the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Mile Guo with millions of compatriots can help us develop the “CCP vaccine”. The irrefutable mission of our generation is to stop the infection of CCP, the most deadly virus that human race has yet ever encountered.

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