CCP virus: “second wave” hits China, vice-premier inspects Jilin

The Chinese Communist Party is reopening primary schools and kindergartens in Shanghai despite the “second wave” of CCP virus. But the truth of the matter is that the CCP virus never subsided in China, so there is no so-called “second wave”. The first wave is still permeating.

Vice-premier inspects Jilin province, urges stronger COVID-19 control

Lockdown has been put in place for the city of Shulan in Jilin province, which includes 1205 villages and 1103 residential buildings. It is located in the northeastern part of China.

Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan called for more decisive, precise, flexible, and effective measures in regular epidemic prevention and control to avoid further spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. But in reality, the CCP is covering up the scale of the infections.

Sun, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the remarks during an inspection tour in Northeast China’s Jilin province starting on Wednesday night.

The inspectors stressed to speed up screening, testing, quarantine and treatment of COVID-19 cases and conduct thorough epidemiological investigations.

The inspection team underlined the need to immediately improve the nucleic acid testing capabilities and expand the testing range of people to ensure early detection, reporting, quarantine, and treatment.

Sun urged enhanced treatment for the patients combining Chinese and Western medicine, strengthened epidemic prevention and control in key areas and venues, extra attention on key groups of vulnerable people and rigorous traffic control.

She also demanded open and transparent COVID-19 reports, timely response to the public concerns, and better publicity on healthcare knowledge to improve people’s awareness of self-protection against the virus.

Shanghai to further reopen primary schools, kindergartens

First, second and third-graders of elementary schools in Shanghai will return to school from June 2 as the epidemic wanes, and the city’s public kindergartens will also reopen on the same day, local authorities said Saturday.

The junior students can choose to continue their online education at home if necessary, said the municipal education commission. The online course will last till the end of this semester.

From June 2, private kindergartens in Shanghai can decide their own time to resume classes after getting approval from the district education administrations.

The commission said elementary schools and kindergartens should meet the epidemic prevention requirements before resuming classes.

Training institutions, after meeting relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control, can also resume offline service in open space from next Monday.

Previously, middle and high schools in Shanghai have resumed classes partially for senior and sophomore students.

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