Parents got extremely angry at CCP’s brainwashing education

Video: GM67

On May 13, netizens shared on Twitter voice messages from a parent of a primary 2 student in the teacher-parents wechat group.

The parent was extremely angry at how the class teacher brainwashed on his son. Ironically, the class teacher told students not to trust their parents because their parents do not spend a penny on their education and all costs are borne by Chinese Communist Party. Moreover, the students were told that Chinese Communist Party raised them, not their parents. Parents are lying when they claim that that they work hard to earn a living and send their children to school.

The parent in the wechat group strongly condemned the brainwashing education. He questioned the so-called free education that Chinese Communist Party provided is based on taxes collected from parents.  Furthermore, the parent gave one example on how the class teacher is changing students’ value system by bluffing. The teacher told a story about the hero Lei Feng. In an accident, Lei Feng was looking for a stone to stop the truck from moving, but he could not find it. He used his body to stop the truck and died. The class teacher asked the students to learn from Lei Feng because Lei Fong saved people’s lives and saved the truck. Most importantly, the class teacher emphasized that the truck is a common property and implied that the truck is more important than a human life.  Is the class teacher instigating students to die? The parent mentioned he always told the students to stay away from accidents and keep safe first. Life is most important. Is the purpose of the brainwashing education to ask students to die to save the so-called common property? 

The class teacher did not reply in the teacher – parents group in wechat except for requesting to meet the parent tomorrow. The parent got the support from netizens following this twitter. One particular comment resonates powerfully with many Chinese who went through the brainwashing education in their childhood – I had been convinced by school for many year that the red scarf (which is a neckerchief worn by young pioneers) was the tip of the national flag of China or what we call the red flag. The blood of the martyrs stained the red flag. Until one day, I suddenly wonder why the martyrs were always looking for the flag to dye before they die. How much blood is required to dye all red scarves?

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May. 14, 2020