Is CCP Really Showing Off Its Nuclear Weapon?

Author: Prof.Bacteriophage

The nuclear weapon of the Chinese Army has been frequently mentioned at the Press Conference of CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It seems to be sending some messages. On the Internet with censorship in China, more exaggerated information emerges. Many puppet mouthpieces of the CCP have made up big nuclear threats to the United States.

“China needs to expand the number of nuclear warheads to a thousand levels in a short time, including at least a hundred Dongfeng-41 strategic missiles.” Hu Xijin, the chief editor of a propaganda media named Global Times, wrote on Sina Weibo, “We need a larger nuclear arsenal to curb the U.S. strategic ambitions to against China.”

Is this information aiming to threaten the U.S. by nuclear weapons? Or they are just the propaganda targeting Chinese incite nationalism? 

Is this information aiming to threaten the U.S. by nuclear weapons? The answer is NO. It’s untenable to curb the U.S. by a nuclear weapon. CCP has no capability to technically expand nuclear weapons as Mr. Hu said. On the other hand, how dare they officially violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to become a terrorist organization with the nuclear weapon? They can’t afford to be charged like this.

However, they will not give up finding other methods to attack the U.S., for example, a more invisible, more powerful one – the Biological Weapon. That is the CCP Virus (coronavirus). Unlike developing a nuclear weapon, the biological weapon is easy to go through the process in secret. Even the best intelligence agency didn’t know what has been done in such an underground development. Because of the criminal evidence can be concealed, CCP dreamed about profiting from terrorist attacks via virus like this, but escaping from legal sanctions in silent. Tiny as the biological weapon is, it never loses lethality compared to the nuclear weapon. Look at the obituaries from the newspapers. Listen to the crying from the loved ones. The CCP virus is absolutely the nuclear level attack that never been happened in the U.S. and in the world. We’ll find the truth, the evidence and the culprit to hold accountable.


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May. 10, 2020