Sun Lijun, the “hatchet man” of Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu, was arrested!

Last update: April 20th 2020

Power struggle escalated within the CCP Kleptocrats. 

According to the information released by the official website of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection National Commission of the CCP, the Ministry of Public Security party committee member, vice minister Sun Lijun was put under disciplinary review and investigation due to serious violations of disciplines and law. Sun Lijun was promoted to Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Security in March 2018. 

As Miles Guo said at the very beginning of this whistleblower movement(爆料革命), the root cause of the suffering of the Chinese people is because a very small bunch of CCP Kleptocrats have hijacked the entire country. Sun Lijun is one of these Kleptocrats. 

Let us take a look at the crimes Sun Lijun has committed: He served as Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu’s “hatchet man” in the selective anti-corruption campaign when millions of “political opponents” within the party were purged, paving ways for the implementation of Jiang Zemin’s evil “South Puto Conspiracy”.

Sun Lijun is also believed to be one of the black hands behind the mysterious disappearance of flight MH 370 and the unusual death of Wang Jian, the co-founder and co-chairman of HNA Group. 

In addition, Under Wang Qishan’s command, he has brutally crushed the democratic movement in Hong Kong last year when thousands of peaceful Hong Kong protesters were tortured, sexually abused and even murdered by PLA soldiers disguised in Hong Kong Police uniform. 

This year, during Wuhan’s lockdown, he was sent by Wang Qishan to cover up the truth of CCP-Virus (COVID-19). The fabricated data of real infection cases released by the CCP has misled many countries, causing great casualties and severe economic loss to the entire world. 

Will his arrest trigger the downfall of notorious CCP Kleptocrats namely Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu who have committed countless crimes against the humanity? The Chinese people are waiting for that moment to come! 


Author: Brother Rain 

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[…] identity of the scientist who fled to Europe from the Wuhan P4 by saying that the ousted spymaster Sun Lijun assisted Shi Zhengli to escape, the latter is known as the “Bat Lady”. Such speculation […]

1 year ago

My father told me Mr Sun gave Chinese Communist Party a great help as a hatchet man,but he rewards nothing when he is 56. I told him to remind the beginning of Chinese Communist Party was being in China, from that day how many Communist Party members were dying of political struggle? He told me Lin Biao died of political struggle and Peng De Huai also suffered the same disaster. I was thinking in my heart your father also died of Chinese Party’s arresting in 1949 as an intelligence agent,helped Chinese Party and rewarded in prison and ended his life… Read more »

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