Miles Guo: CCPVirus is worse than 911 + Pearl Harbor Attack

Summary: 老姜

About New York Data

The New York pandemic may peak in 4-6 weeks. Whether the final death toll in the U.S. is 50,000 or 100,000, it is far more than the total of the Pearl Harbor Attack plus the 911 tragedy. All Western countries that have been hit hard by the pandemic were too naïve to trust CCP’s lies about its pandemic data and propaganda, camouflaged as “news report”. The reason why Taiwan’s pandemic is under control is that it never believes the CCP propaganda. It took only four weeks for the entire Western society collectively rejected masks, virus test kit and other medical products made in China. After suffering heavy loss, the West now has a comprehensive understanding of the deceptive nature of CCP, its faked pandemic data and its faked pandemic products, disguise nature from the arsonist to a firefighter. Now Wall Street wants to kill CCP, and the U. S. and the Western general public all want their government holding the CCP accountable. It will for sure become a focus in the Western election.

New York is suffering from the largest number of CCP-virus infections and deaths. Although very sad, as its data is true and reliable, the epidemic will actually bring greater hope to New York in the future. The wide range of virus samples here will provide a significant reliable base for the development of the most effective vaccine. The nation’s top medical experts from virology and epidemiology, the most experienced nurses, the most advanced biotech innovation, the best investment institutions, the top pharmaceutical companies, the volunteer team of 200,000 people from the nation, plus the army, along with the cooperation of various religious organizations, New York city eventually will have the most advanced pandemic detection technology, management, early warning, and emergency response systems in the future. New York will rebirth itself from the Phoenix Nirvana in the world.

How CCP will be taken down

In the past, for an 80% -90% chance to overthrow the CCP, I counted on the CCP’s internal power. Now I changed my mind. Only 50% hope on them, yet more than 50% expectation will come from the external power, the Western free world. Only when the West exerts the greatest pressure on CCP, its inside power can rise up and disrupt the whole CCP system within. The pandemic has left the U.S. suffering from the most tragic loss, in name of survival of the entire population since its foundation. The threat to the survival of entire Europe, from the royal family to the civilians, exceeded that of World War II. Very soon, the West, led by the U.S. will certainly retaliate against CCP ’s biochemical terrorist attacks, from the collective lawsuit, freezing CCP and its officials ’overseas assets, to end the status of the Hong Kong Free Trade Zone, even including the beheading of the targeted CCP high ranking officials. At that time, the world will completely decouple from the CCP controlled China. Any company that still cooperates with CCP will doom to fail, and all the Chinese stocks in the U.S. stock market will be over. If our comrades in the CCP system still hesitate to rise up to overthrow the CCP, they and their families will have to face the same result of the retaliation.

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1 year ago

There is another force which helps bring down the CCP through collapsing its economy. And that is the ordinary consumer in the West. They just stop buying anything made in CCP-China.

1 year ago

Do you mean a literal or a metaphorical “beheading” of CCP high ranking officials?


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Apr. 06, 2020