In 2017,Miles Guo first exposed the CCP’s deadly “3F plan” against the US

Mr. Miles Guo made following statement on the press conference held in Washington D. C. on Oct 5,2017:

I want to inform all American people and draw all your Attentions to two evil Plans by the CCP Kleptocrats; those two plans would enmesh all American to an Abyss of Failure.

The first one is known as BGY plan. (Note1)

The second plan is called 3F plan,  which means to Foment weakness, foment chaos and  foment the destruction of America.

I know it sounds ridiculous to all of you, but I have to say they do exist! I believe CIA has already heard of something about it. Today, I swear with my life depend on it.

The CCP Kleptocrats are currently implementing the two plans in the US, very successfully and swiftly.And it will make an enormous harm to the American, and their lives and properties.9/11 was incomparable the damages by those two Plans, it might be 100 even 1000 times worse than 9/11.

Remember the 1993 World Trade Center bombing ? I don’t want to see it happen again that American people did nothing but just waiting for another bigger bomb right after a small bomb.Just like that everyone said Japan was Just a threats to America before the Battle of Pearl Harbour.

American people must stop and understand what 3F plan and BGY plan are !

(Note 1: BGY stands for  Blue, Gold and Yellow. Blue represents Internet and Media Control, Gold represents money and bribery is used to buy influence. Yellow represents the use of honey traps to compromise espionage targets.   CCP planned to control the world by choking the throats of the world leaders, politicians, media, academics and financial operators; and it had deeply invaded the US from within via this BGY in the past decades.)




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