Brother Rain: CCP’s smear campaign against Chinese people is doomed to fail!

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, credible information has shown that this virus was artificially-made: Indian and Russian scientists found COVID-19 to be “recombinant virus”;  Miles Guo also said in his broadcast that COVID-19 is a CCP bioweapon created by Guo Deying under Wang Qishan’s command. That is why COVID-19 should be named as the “CCP Virus.” 

In his broadcast on February 29th, Mile Guo alerted people to the impending global outbreak of COVID-19 because Wang Qishan has ordered Chinese embassies, consulates, and spies to spread it to every corner of the world. With more countries being severely affected; on the one hand, media groups and experts controlled by the CCP are generating disinformation intending to disrupt social order and cause anxieties among the people there; on the other hand, the CCP Kleptocrats who have orchestrated this unprecedented humanitarian crisis are hypocritically expressing condolences and promising to provide assistance. The CCP Kleptocrats have launched this unrestricted warfare and by using this bioweapon on innocent people, they have already committed crimes against the humanity. But now, they are portraying themselves as “saviors of the world” and using medical assistance and vaccine as leverages. Perhaps they are waiting for a perfect time to release the vaccine, make deals with western leaders so that their illegal fortune remain intact and their illegitimate children are kept save. Isn’t that horrible? 

Awakened by Revolution Expose, the truth about COVID-19 is being realized by more and more people. This substantially undermined the CCP’s rule. To deflect public attention, the CCP Kleptocrats have launched a smear campaign by Linking COVID-19 with “China” and “Chinese people.” They were sparking a worldwide “Chinese-phobia,” they wanted to make Chinese people the scapegoat. Believe it or not, the CCP Kleptocrats will be “pleased” to see the Chinese people being beaten, humiliated, and treated as “enemies of the world.” They are waiting for a good chance (it could be a staged protest by CCP spies causing severe casualties to the Chinese people overseas or sth else) to unleash the cultivated anti-foreign nationalism of Chinese people and thus embolden themselves to push for “tough responses.” The CCP’s “retaliation” could be an “anti-foreigners movement” targeting the properties of foreign companies and endangering their lives. It is even more dangerous if the CCP Kleptocrats intentionally provoke a regional war. If this ever happens, it would be a nightmare for everybody. The CCP Kleptocrats will prevent the Party from collapsing and continue to enslave the Chinese people, conduct and export their evils across the world.

However, after President Trump said on his Twitter that the spread of COVID-19 was not Asian people’s fault and promised to protect their safeties, we came to know that Miles Guo and many other anti-CCP task forces must have successfully thwarted the CCP Kleptocrats’ evil conspiracy of “linking COVID-19 with China and Chinese people”. The righteous forces have also declared their war against the CCP Kleptocrats on Monday this week. As Miles Guo has said “Everything has begun”! The days of the CCP Kleptocrats are numbered! Thank God, and thank them! 

Please allow me to repeat once more: COVID-19 is a CCP bioweapon. It has nothing to do with the innocent, hard-working, and peace-loving Chinese people. The virus was artificially made in CCP’s P4 Lab in Wuhan. It is the CCP Kleptocrats who have orchestrated its global outbreak. 

That is why COVID-19 should be named as the “CCP Virus.” 

That is why the CCP should be referred to as a terrorist group!

That is why the CCP Kleptocrats should be blamed for their crimes against the entire humanity! 

That is why the CCP Kleptocrats are the real threat to this world! 

That is why every Chinese people should do their part to eradicate the most evil and unscrupulous organization ever existed in human history—the Chinese Communist Party from the earth. 

The Chinese people are the salt of the earth. The Chinese people are peace-loving, creative, and diligent. 

It is believed that once the CCP is overthrown, the wisdom, passion, and creativity unleashed from the Chinese people will open up a new era for the mankind! 

Author: GM34 Brother Rain 

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Mar. 27, 2020