People Queue in Wuhan For Family Members’ Cinerary Caskets

Author: Ying202064 & 夏夜将至

Trump: “You don’t know what the numbers are in China.”

Wuchang Funeral Home started to distribute caskets of the dead of CCP Virus (a.k.a. novel coronavirus) on March 23. The Funeral Home targets to distributes 500 per day and complete the distribution before the Tomb-Sweeping Day (on April 4). Base on this, we are able to estimate the number of deaths of the CCP Virus. At least there will be 8,000 caskets distributed in a single funeral home in Wuhan. However, according to data released by the National Health Commission of the Chinese Communist Party, as of March 25, the number of deaths of CCP Virus is 2,531.

Most importantly, there are eight funeral homes in Wuhan. Given that the situation in many cities and provinces in China are as critical as Wuhan, nobody knows what the numbers are in China.

Behind the numbers is the tragedy. Many children lost their parents. Countless people were crying; countless people fell into the abyss.

According to staff from Funeral Home, many people coming to collect the caskets are not from the immediate family of the dead because the whole family died from the CPP Virus.

And many relatives come with more than 2 or 3 death certifications as proof for collection.

No one survived the brutal dictatorship of the CCP.

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Mar. 27, 2020