Destroying (China Communist Party) CCP is the only choice for humanity

By 闻喜

I suspected that there was an antidote for the “Wuhan virus” in Zhongnankeng. Reason 1 was a biological weapon. 2 The leaders of the CCP feared death.There is a 1 in 10,000 risk that these Chinese Communists will not risk doing the “Wuhan virus”!The commonality of weapons is against the enemy,Won’t hurt myself!

The Chinese Communist Party has only two of the most powerful weapons in ruling the entire human race: the first paralyzes the souls of key political powers in various countries around the world (blue-golden), or BGY for short!  Increase the index of the paralysis of the evil of the CCP output by the entire human race! The second weapon is the biological weapon developed by the Chinese Army (PLA) using decades of experimentation with Chinese human bodies to paralyze the governments of various countries, especially the United States  Agency logistics supply system! Make it lose combat effectiveness!

The real purpose of the Chinese Communist Party puts the biological weapon: occupying Taiwan! Control the world, replace the United States!Destroy the United States!

All the actions of the Communist Party of China have proved that the Chinese Communist Party is the largest terrorist core organization, anti-human organization!

“Wuhan Virus” is a virus manufactured by the Communist Party of China.

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Mar. 26, 2020