Trump Urges the Passage of $2 Trillion Relief Bill

On March 23, Preside Trump urged the passage of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill and he would sign it immediately at the White House daily press briefing.

He gave a positive statement on the historic massive $2 trillion stimulus package which has been passed at the Senate in a unanimous 96-0 vote on Wednesday. The relief package designated to help the US economy amid the coronavirus pandemic for American workers and businesses will be voted at the House on Friday.

President Trump declared, “We have a tremendous paid sick leave provision for workers at no cost at all to the employers. And that’s a big thing, no cost to the employers. We want to get everybody back working. Together, this $2.2 trillion legislative package is bigger than anything I believe ever passed in Congress. But this is certainly in terms of dollars by far and away the biggest ever, ever done, and that’s a tremendous thing because a lot of this money goes to jobs, jobs, jobs and families, families, families.”

President Trump encouraged the House to pass this vital legislation and sent the bill to his desk for signature without delay.

“I will sign it immediately. We will have a signing and it’ll be a great signing and a great day for the American worker and for American families and frankly for American companies.”

【Editor Notes: Do you think it’s necessary to promote patriotism in such a country? 】

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