CCP Decides to Let Patients Pay the 400,000 RMB Treatment Fee

Translator: VOG-forrestzhou

Several neighborhoods postered the latest announcement from Wuhan government that from March 25/24, patients need to pay the 400,000 RMB treatment fee of the CCP virus(AKA coronavirus) by themselves.

Dear Owners of xxx of Riyue community

In accordance with the directives by Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, all expenses of quarantine, test, treatment, and living costs will be borne by individuals who have contact with a person with symptomatic, laboratory-confirmed CCP-Virus or a person under investigation as a result of non-business traveling. 

Start from March 25th 2020, the government will not grant free treatment. If there is any person has a fever or coughing in the supermarket where you go shopping or in the car with you while going out. 

Your “Green Barcode*” will become Yellow; if the person has been confirmed positive of the CCP virus, you shall go to the designated location for 14 days quarantine.

All costs of 8000 RMB for the test, blood draw, CT, accommodation and living expenses will be paid by you. If you have been tested positive, you will bear the treatment fee of 400,000 RMB.

Cherish your “Green Barcode!” Try not to Go out, wait for notice for ban lift. 2020/03/25

*Note: Health status barcode issued by the government, big data technology by WeChat and AliPay. Green barcode: be free to go out; yellow barcode: restricted; red barcode: forced quarantine needed. The algorithm to decide who is green, yellow or red is opaque to the public.

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Mar. 25, 2020