The United States and other western countries desperately need an enlightenment

When seeing this topic , someone must say: Does the West need enlightenment? are you crazy!

Yes, Western countries headed by the United States represent the supreme civilization of mankind: whether it is science, technology, culture, economy, or political civilization, it is a model. Where can I enlighten the West?

Yes, the West is the absolute leader in the progress of civilization, but because of this, on the opposite side, their common sense is almost zero: they do not believe that humankind has developed for several years in the 21st century Before and now, human society still has extreme crimes against humanity, and it is implemented by the government with the largest population, and it is oriented towards all humanity!

Now, everyone on the planet knows that the new coronavirus was made by the CCP ’s laboratory, but it ’s not clear whether it ’s accidental or artificial, but it ’s too late to threaten it. Whether it ’s the official threat of the CCP ’s official threat, It is also a move that violates common sense after the virus appeared. Basically, it can be proved that this time the virus is indeed an evil means by which the Chinese Communists want to rid the human race.

Innocent Westerners repeatedly ask the question: Why do they do this to their people ? Why are they doing this to the world?

The first question is why do they do this to their people ?

A: They always do this to their own people. In their eyes, “peoples” are just their tools.

Internally: During the war, the people are the cannon fodder that helps them fight for power; in political movements, the people are the pawns used by all forces; in peacetime, the people are unpaid slaves.

Externally: in terms of economy, the people are the low-wage labor force and huge consumer market that they can use on the international economic stage; in terms of politics, the people are one fifth of the world ’s population and they are “the Chinese people are not willing” The weight of the international community .

However, the real voice of the 1.4 billion Chinese, has the world heard it? 1.4 billion people are “national defense” (precisely, not to protect the country, but to protect the regime) annual maintenance of stability trillion investment funds plus trillion firmly in control, are ubiquitous monitoring system and unbreakable firewall blocked, can On the international stage, either the mouthpiece of the CCP, the overseas media controlled by the CCP, or the cyber navy they control. 1.4 billion people were “represented” without their knowledge or reluctance, representing us as enemies with the world, representing “anger” on our condemnation of the West, and advocating and praising their slavery and domination on our behalf !!

Second question: Why are they doing this to the world ?

They didn’t need to treat the world like that. Although they have the ambition to conquer control, as long as there is no threat to their regime, they do not need to risk the world, at least not so hastily. It should be said that it was Mr. Wen Gui’s breaking news revolution that broke their secret plan to penetrate the world with blue-gold means and ultimately control the world.

When Mr. Wen Gui was shocked to come out of the blue-golden plan and the 3F plan, it did not attract much attention from Westernershow could that be? No human has ever been crazy enough to attempt to conquer regimes around the world. Moreover, they already have 1.4 billion slaves who have been crushed and slaughtered. They have accumulated a wealth of dazzling world. What is necessary to conquer the world?

Yes, when we are faced with an incredible thing, we must first ask why? That is, try to find the rationality of its behavior as much as possible. On the surface, they can do whatever they want, and they have incomparable wealth and power around the world. What else do they have to do overseas to host the world and threaten the lives of the world?

A: This is because their crimes are increasing simultaneously with the accumulation of wealth, and the safety factor in the country is getting smaller and smaller. Considering that even if their generation can barely maintain stability, their children and grandchildren will probably be liquidated. Most of these red second-generation and third-generation generations are wine sacks and rice bags that do not have the ability to make a living and do not know the sufferings of the world. It is only safe to send them abroad. However, the West is a democratic country with a sound rule of law. It is impossible under the existing legal framework to continue to use the domestic set of deceitful means of deception. In addition, the wealth transferred out was not originally obtained legally. It is not guaranteed that the day will be seized. As a result, they continued to use domestic methods that were already in full swing, using money and other temptations to attract, corrode, and train politicians and financial leaders.

Once the door to evil is opened, don’t even think about closing it. The CCP can only go black.

But God will not sleep forever. At a special historical node , Wengui, Trump, Bannon, Spadin, Rubio, etc. appeared in the sky, and they all had a clear understanding of the messenger of God. They seem to be born with a mission to exterminate the Communist Party and form a justice alliance.

The international situation has changed drastically. The Chinese Communist Party was still dreaming of controlling the world ’s yellow beams. At the last moment, it was watching the positions lose control. The more the end of the road, the more the dogs jumped off the wall. In the end, they must use their killer. The “Pandora” box and Lin Zhengyue’s “Jade Burnt”, this is the CCP Wuhan Coronavirus.

Why do Chinese people who have undergone anti-brainwashing immediately believe and accept the fact that the Chinese Communist Party controls drugs and poisons, but western society has been slow to accept them? Because Western society still considers them as normal governments and normal human beings, while the Chinese know too much about them and are too familiar with their operation methods: for the struggle for personal strength, they hesitate to launch political campaigns again and again, causing Hundreds of millions of people died abnormally; for the benefit of a certain family, they ignored the opposition of experts to build the Three Gorges Dam and put hundreds of millions of people at risk; or for the benefit of a certain family, they did not introduce genetically modified food Make logos … too many examples, countless!

What is the people to them? In the plainest words of Mr. Wen Gui: In their eyes, people are not as good as pigs and dogs!

Today, their magic claws reach out to the world, and the world has become his “people”, all figures that can be sacrificed at any time.

If the West thought in border protection may sacrifice the long corner, I thought Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong’s story is interconnected online hot topic, I thought CCP as before, it will only harm the Chinese people, not how kind of foreign words in In the face of CCP Wuhan virus, it really should wake up.

In a sense, CCP coronavirus is an opportunity for the West to receive enlightenment.

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1 year ago

Want to know if G news accept outside article? If yes, how to submit? I like to contribute English/Chinese articles on various topics. Can you let me know ?


Victor Lam

1 year ago

Yes, I have to agree , the RED LINE HERE is excatly what it is. But it wont take long, this one step to far might be the step which had been one step to far for those who thought to rule the World on their own. The Greed of Mankind had burned their view for Reality and Good faith. This GREED was the Oil to the CCP Growth over the years. Now we have ALL have to pay the bill for our Greediness. The price is high but those who made these one step too far will be wiped… Read more »


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