Defendant Appears With Crutches: Beaten by at Least Two Police

Six people were charged with a total of three counts of criminal offenses relating to explosives found in the public toilet of Caritas Medical Centre on Jan 27; Shenzhen Bay Port on Jan 28; and inside an MTR carriage at Lo Wu station on Feb 2.

The case was brought to the Shatin Magistrates’ Courts on March 11; however, two of the defendants were hospitalized and therefore absent from the hearing.

One defendant was discharged from the hospital on March 14. The other with a fracture was discharged on March 18 and sent for trial. The defendant was seen limping and using crutches.

The defense complained that the defendant was beaten by at least two police, forcing him to sign a confession involuntarily. The prosecution requested postponing the case for further investigation.

Magistrate Kathie Cheung Kit Yee refused the prosecution’s objection to the defendant’s bail. Citizens observing the case shouted, “Hang in there!”

Source: InMedia

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 26, 2020