President Trump Signs Executive Order to Prevent Price Gouging

On March 23,President Trump revealed at a daily press briefing that he has signed an executive order invoking presidential authority under Section 4512 of the Defense Production Act to prohibit the hoarding of vital medical equipment and supplies such as hand sanitizers, face masks and personal protective equipment.

He declared that “Under this directive,the Secretary of Health and Human Services is authorized to designate essential health and medical supplies as scarce, so will designate certain supplies and medical elements as scarce, and that means it will be a crime to stockpile these items in excessive quantities. ”

He further emphasized

Very simply, will not allow anyone to exploit the suffering of American citizens for their own profit.

In his speech, President Trump presented his thanks to those “everyday heroes who are making our vast effort against the virus possible, Most of all, I want to thank the American people for rising to the challenge and showing incredible courage, determination, patience, grace and grit…your acts of selflessness, and sacrifice and ingenuity are a powerful testament to the American character.”

Translation: 【GM31】 Proofreading:【Anni】 Subtitle: 【Wenfu】 Coordination: 【Wenhuang】

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