Miles Guo: war on CCP starts today!

Miles Guo broadcast live on Monday on a new app called G-TV, a platform for live stream and video uploads to bypass the biased YouTube. The CCP has a secret plan to renegotiate with the US in June after it uses the virus and vaccine to bring the US to its knees.

Doomsday attitude in China

Abnormally frequent fires and explosions have been reported in China so far this year in places like steel mills and power plants.

According to Miles’ friend in mainland China, no investigation was conducted about these mysterious explosions and fires, and everyone remained silent. Instead, people seem to want more devastating accidents like these. Miles’ friend calls this “doomsday attitude”. Over a billion people in China are hoping for disasters. The bigger the better.

No testing means no new cases of coronavirus

The Chinese government stopped testing people for coronavirus, hence there has been no new cases reported (except for “imported cases”). The astonishing number of deaths caused by the virus is hidden from the public.

Resume working, people die. Stop working, the CCP dies

The Chinese Communist Party chose to let people die by forcing them to return to work to keep the CCP in power.

War on the Chinese Communist Party starts today

Mr. Guo made the following statements with the authorization of “five organizations” which are as influential as the five persons appeared on Fox News during an interview on Sunday:

These unnamed five organizations have formally declared a war on the CCP starting today.

The five organizations reached a consensus that:

  • we are attacked by the same virus which is the CCP virus
  • we face a common enemy which is the CCP
  • we share the same ideal and goal which is to eliminate the CCP

The CCP wants to bring the US to its knees in June

The CCP launched a viral attack to destroy the US economy, society, and its production chain in order to change the outcomes of the 2020 presidential election and create nationwide chaos and racial conflicts in the US.

The CCP has been carrying out its long term “3-F” plan to debilitate, disrupt and destroy the US. It is worth noting that this plan was first exposed by Miles Guo in Oct 2017 during his press conference at National Press Club in Washington DC.

The most fruitful moment this year for Expose Revolution came yesterday afternoon and last night. There will be thunderbolt-like actions taken against the CCP very soon.

Japan, England, French, Germany, and Italy have all been deeply infiltrated by the CCP and heavily damaged by the CCP virus.

CCP plans to use a vaccine and medical equipments to renegotiate with the US, Japan and Europe in June

Miles obtained a secret CCP document about using a vaccine and medical equipments to renegotiate with the US, Japan and Europe in June.

It is a proof that the CCP is unleashing the virus on purpose to get its way.

Miles made these suggestions to the US government:

  • the CCP should become transparent about the origin of the virus, the vaccine, the real death toll in China and other data related to the virus.
  • the CCP should open the firewall
  • the US should decouple with the CCP if the first two are not met and confuscate the CCP’s properties oversea.

Miles mentioned these options for the Chinese living outside of China

  • stay home to be safe
  • help others whenever you can with enough protection to avoid getting infected
  • go back to China to support the CCP?

Miles suspected that the CCP has been deliberately spreading the virus globally in order to destroy the US economy

The CCP’s confidence in bringing down the US economy in June indicates that it has been spreading the virus on purpose.

The CCP’s renegotiating plan is another confirmation that the virus was created in the Wuhan P4 Lab by Wang Qishan’s Shanghai Gang, because there is no other logical explanation for the Chinese government to predict the US economic trouble by scale and time.

Anther supporting evidence is that the fatality rate of the CCP virus remained low among the Hong Kong police and Chinese officials, which led Miles to believe that the CCP already has an antidote or vaccine.

The CCP is holding the world hostage with the virus, then blackmail them by offering vaccines.

How do you feel when the CCP is using the survival of humanity to bargain after unleashing the deadly virus? This is a WWIII involving all nations.

Miles’ suggestions for his friends living in China

  • Prepare for a hard time which could last for a year. Stay home.
  • Live a simple life and eat simple food
  • workout
  • avoid whole family infection
  • For those who need to work to survive, your chance of survival is over 50% if you can remain healthy by the end of June or July.
  • Keep some cash and stay alive.
  • Go live in the countryside to stay close to the food source.
  • It will be a miracle if you can survive by May in 2021.

The showdown between the CCP and the US will start this June or July

The pandemic will slow down in June or July followed by a spike around December. Vaccine will become available next year.

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