Graffiti at Sheung Tak Carpark Reminds Hongkongers to Stand Up Against Injustice and State Violence

On the evening of March 22, Police are guarding at every level of Sheung Tak Carpark, where 22-year-old Chow Tsz-Lok fell from height for reasons unknown during a police operation in the area last November. Chow passed away after hospitalization. The car park has since then become a site for memorials to take place.

March 22 marks 6 months after the death of 15-year-old Chan Yin-lam who used to study in a school in the same district. The cause of Chan’s death remains unknown. Having participated in the pro-democracy movement, her body, naked, was discovered in the waters last October. Police said there was nothing suspicious.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong citizens gathered in remembrance of Chan Yin-lam and vowed to continue fighting for freedom in Kwun Tong.

It has been beyond anyone’s understanding that a peaceful memorial service could attract such a large number of police, forcing into the gathering and provoking civilians on site.

A reinforcement of over 50 police officers was sent to Kwun Tong Promenade.

The police accused a press photographer of bumping into the police. The photographer was taken onto the police car.

Accompanying hymn and solemn prayers were yelling and clamoring from the police. Who keeps us away from forgetting, and who teaches us not to forget?

Civilians on the scene vowed to carry on fighting for democracy for Chan Yin-lam and all other deceased protesters.

Source: First Hand

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 24, 2020