March 21 Updates on CCP Coronavirus Pandemic

• No more lockdown imposed in Wuhan, so is it safe? 

• 18 Million cellphone services were discontinued in China in Jan and Feb 2020, WHY?

• There is a broad consensus for all Anti-CCP forces to recognize the virus as”CCP-Coronavirus”

Production: 【上天造·灭疫组】

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1 year ago

Let’s be specific, someone must be accountable for Novel Coronavirus outbreak after all. It started from Wuhan, China, the regime Chinese Communist Party government should be the one accountable, at least to certain degree, they cannot get away with it.
People of China and all Chinese ethnics are simply victims, not victimizers, regardless their political views. Don’t mess up.
Let’s call it “CCP virus”.



秘密翻译组需要各类人才, 期待战友们的参与:。🌹 欢迎大家订阅:1. 油管频道:; 2. GTV频道: Mar. 22, 2020