RNC Statement on Chinese Government’s Dishonesty Campaign

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel addressed the Chinese government’s dishonesty campaign in the below statement: 

“President Trump has been working tirelessly to respond to and mitigate this unprecedented situation and he continues to deliver the bold leadership needed in this crisis. As he has repeatedly said, we are going to beat this virus, but it is going to take all of us doing our part. That includes honestly reporting the origins of this virus, free of bias or baseless opinion, so we can best understand it and beat it.

“The American people aren’t looking for the usual bias and politicking during this challenging time. We are looking for guidance, facts and hope. The Chinese government is doing their best to wage a dishonesty campaign; they don’t need any more help from members of the media. We support the people of China and we are grateful for our own Chinese American neighbors and friends, especially Asian Pacific American doctors, nurses and medical professionals for their selfless services and sacrifices to combat the virus on the frontlines – any indication otherwise would be meant only to tear us apart at a time when the American people desperately need us to work together.”

For factual reporting about the origins of the virus:

  • Axios: Timeline: The early days of China’s coronavirus outbreak and cover-up
  • The Atlantic: China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World 

For the latest guidelines, please visit cdc.gov or coronavirus.gov


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