Breaking: The Actual Number of New Cases in Wuhan Is At Least 22 Times Greater Than the “official data”

According to the latest report from the Epoch Times, although the Communist Party of China launched a large-scale propaganda and announced that the domestic CCP Coronavirus epidemic had greatly subsided. The People’s Daily also issued the latest “five-zero” epidemic poster. However, the nucleic acid test data obtained from Wuhan, the origin city of the epidemic, revealed that the epidemic was still fierce. The actual number of newly confirmed cases in Wuhan on Mar 14, 2020 was at least 22 times more than the “officially released data”. The discharged patients were still infectious, who then may infect their family members in home quarantine.

A leaked “New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection Information Daily Report” and the statistical summary tables of various districts received by Wuhan Health and Medical Commission on the day of March 14. The nucleic acid test documents of the Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Committee showed that the total number of nucleic acid tests in the city on that day was 16,320, among which 373 were found positive, and 91 were found positive for the first time in the nucleic acid test. Because it contained re-tested samples of some hospitalized patients, the number of positive tests for the first time would be the newly added confirmed cases.

On February 21, the Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission announced “Zero Infection”. The nucleic acid test would be cleared every day”, which means that the nucleic acid test number of clinically diagnosed, suspected, close contacts, and fever patients in Wuhan has been completely cleared. From February 22, the testing service will be completed on daily basis.

Therefore, the nucleic acid tests performed on March 14 were all samples taken on the previous day. Among them, 91 were positive for the first time, representing 91 new diagnoses that day.

In the official outbreak data released by the Communist Party of China from March 14th to 16th, the newly confirmed cases in Wuhan were 4 cases, 4 cases, and 1 case respectively. Within three days from March 14, the CCP issued a maximum of 4 new cases in Wuhan in a single day.

To sum up, the nucleic acid test results received from the Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Committee showed that at least 91 new cases were diagnosed on March 14 alone, at least 22 times more than the official data released by the CCP the same day.

If you consider the CCP virus nucleic acid test results that day with 130 suspicious cases, many of which would be finally diagnosed with infection, according to experience in the past. So, the actual number of newly confirmed cases in Wuhan on March 14 was at least 100.

Health and Medical Commission test data leaked showed that the epidemic has not disappeared.  Instead, it will be exploding any time soon.

The Chinese Communist Party implemented a quarantine measure in Wuhan, by lockdown houses. More than 99% of the citizens were trapped in their homes. Although the spread of the virus to be contained to a certain extent, it will also hide the viruses lurking inside the community and family units under the blockade. At present, only a small number of patients with severe symptoms can be tested. More people who are suspected of infection are trapped at home and have no chance to be tested.

Once the CCP lifts the blockade in order to resume work, the CCP coronavirus may erupt like a volcano at any time.

In fact, the nucleic acid test data of Wuhan Health and Health Commission has revealed its clues.

Of the 373 positive samples on March 14th, 69 were from isolation sites, including home and community quarantine. At least 91 new cases found positive at the first test.  Almost all newly confirmed cases were from the communities and families which have been tightly sealed.

This means that even if the Chinese Communist Party has implemented heavy blockades and isolations in Wuhan, thousands of people are still required to perform the first nucleic acid test every day because they have been exposed to the risk of contracting the virus. About 100 people have been tested with positive result as newly confirmed cases concealed by the CCP. This is behind the Communist Party’s propaganda of “the epidemic subsides” and the truth about the epidemic situation in Wuhan today.

It is also worth mentioning that the nucleic acid test data in Wuhan has also revealed two big lies that the CCP is propagating today: “foreign imports cases have become the main cause of new cases in China” and “discharged patients are not contagious”. The nucleic acid test report obtained in Wuhan revealed that up to now, the CCP has concealed more than 95% of new cases.

The facts that these data have revealed infections in the community and the possibility that contracted patients may have infected family members.  It also showed overseas imported cases are far less than the actual number of new local ones.  It has proved that mainland China is still the region with the worst epidemic in the world. The CCP coronavirus, the main cause of the recurrence, is not cases from overseas, but still the mainland China.

In order to conceal its delay in handling the epidemic and the it’s responsibility for the global pandemic, the CCP has recently stepped up publicity to stigmatize the United States and other sources abroad. In order to emphasize the source of the virus and fight back against the CCP’s smearing, President Trump has called this virus “Chinese virus”. The Chinese Communist Party is not equal to China. The coronavirus was made by the Chinese Communist Party, the so-called COVID-19 virus should be named as CCP coronavirus.


Translation and Reporting: Anonymous

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