Hong Kong Hospital Authorities uses ”Made in China” Hand Sanitizer, Allegedly Causing Skin Inflammation

A few days ago, Apple Daily exposed that The Hong Kong Hospital Authorities had proscured “made in China” antibiotic Tazocin on China’s online platform Taobao.

Apple Daily again revealed that a number of public hospitals (including Caritas and Eastern Hospital) under the Hong Kong Hospital Authority had switched to a new alcohol hand sanitizer manufactured in Guangzhou, China.

Medical staff revealed that their hands were inflamed after using the sanitizer. They suspected that the hand sanitizer was the cause. Since there was no alternative supply available, they dare not to speak up.

The Eastern Hospital responded by saying the use of the said sanitizer has been suspended and they have reported the incident to the Hospital Authorities Headquarters.

The medical staff of Caritas Hospital reported similar incidents. As shown in the photos provided by the staff, the said hand sanitizer claimed to be certified by the WHO with “WHO Formulation 1”, containing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and other ingredients.

Following Apple Daily’s inquiry, a spokesman for the Eastern Hospital confirmed the usage of the mentioned hand sanitizer, but emphasized that no complaints were received from medical staff. That being said, they were aware of the fact that the hand sanitizer might cause allergy to some staff.

Source: Apple Daily

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 19, 2020