“Heal the World”: CCP’s propaganda

In a recent report to Beijing, the Hong Kong government spoke of the plan to assist the pro-Beijing camp to gain political power from the epidemic. By applying an iron fist to fight off the coronavirus as well as “social unrest”, the political agenda of the Beijing and the Hong Kong authorities is obvious, but not without flaws and uncertainties.

In any case, the actual situation of the epidemic in China could never be known, not even to the Director General of WHO, Mr Tedros Adhanom who has been convincing the world with his double negation logic that epidemic is inevitable but safely under control.

However, on March 11, 2020, WHO declared the state of the pandemic, as over 118,000 cases of Wuhan Pneumonia grow exponentially in over 110 countries and territories around the world.

In this regard, the experience of SARS expert Joseph J.Y. Sung, a medical professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, might speak more truth. Comparing to his experience in combating SARS in 2003, Hong Kong is facing a much more difficult situation in 2019 due to the inadequate supply of protective equipment.

Given that Hong Kong is already better equipped than in China, Dr. Sung’s citing of Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” is perhaps the best thing to say to the medical workers in Hong Kong as well as in China.

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1 year ago


I recalled watching this years ago waiting for the collapse of the CCP.

1 year ago
Reply to  Oskander

2002年6月,在贵州平塘县掌布风景区发现了2.7亿岁的藏字石 ,500年前崩裂的巨石断面内惊现6个排列整齐的大字中国共产党亡,其中亡字特别的大。国内多家媒体都报导了此新闻,但都隐去亡字。2003年12月5日至8日,中国科学院院士、地质学家李廷栋、刘宝君及古生物学专家李凤麟等15人深入掌布河谷实地考察。专家一致认为,藏字石上的字位于距今2.7亿年左右的深灰色岩中。至今未发现人工雕凿及其他人为加工痕迹,堪称世界级奇观,具有不可估量的地质研究价值。



Mar. 19, 2020