Pro-Beijing Group Collects Signaturez from China for Law in Hong Kong

The pro-Beijing camp set up street counters to collect signatures for the legislation of a controversial anti-subversion law in Hong Kong on March 15.

The volunteers and supporters looked older than average. A male worker claimed that it was safe without any plainclothes. His statement led peoole to think whether police is a known kind of hazard in the city. A woman countersigned for herself and her friends.

The pro-Beijing group Alliance 23 aimed to collect 2 million signatures and they have reached half of the target via the internet. However, for a local law, the locals only accounted for 23% of the responses, followed by 14% from China and abroad.

Beijing loyalist Junius Ho accused those who oppose the law as traitors to China.

Source: United Social Press

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 18, 2020