Guo’s Remark in 90 Seconds: Coronavirus Pandemic: Current Situations and Future Effects


Referring the contagion and fatality in Italy and Iran, the currently reported corresponding zero virus case in China is simply false. What also tells the truth are: Xi Jinping and other top Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders are seen still wearing masks, no shaking of hands, no hug. There is still no schedule for the delayed two national conferences. People are still restricted from moving around freely. Only yesterday over 30 were cremated in the Babaoshan Crematorium, Beijing. At least half died of the virus. The death toll of a small town could be over 1,000. In Shishou District, the city of Huangshi, Hubei Province, some whole families were found to have died of starvation at home. Similar cases were also found in the cities of Xiaogan and Xiangfan.

TikTok, WeChat and SCMP, the CCP’s propaganda, have called on Chinese students who are studying overseas to return to China. The CCP’s purpose is to blame the returning Chinese for having imported the virus from the US and other countries. This is to shift the blame for the virus spread which has actually been caused by their orders to the people to resume working and productions. Having hijacked the Chinese students’ lives and studies, these propaganda arms would face future lawsuits for their disinformation.

The contagion is yet to peak. There will be certainly new waves of epidemic, even in the following two years. Each would entail a death toll that multiplies the previous one. This would last until a solution comes into being.

Europe and Iran

The countries that have been close to Beijing are suffering from the most severe epidemic and death tolls. Typically Italy and Iran have been compromised by the CCP. Thus they have covered up the realities of political, humanitarian and living disasters and warfare pandemic.

The politicians like Boris Johnson of the U.K. and  those of Tuscany would pay the price for their disinforming words. The former overstates the percentage of infected population and death toll, while the latter understates the danger of the epidemic.

The euro currency will be doomed. The euro zone is to end. France and Spain would lose terribly. The best might be that the U.K. is neither a winner or a loser. The country that would have the heaviest blow from the pandemic would be Germany. Its automakers – Benz, BMW, Audi – would reach their ends, serve them right for their collusions with the CCP and polluting the environment in China. These cars would be replaced by electric driverless cars. The world will enter an era of clean energy.

The US

Trump quoted Xi’s words that the coronavirus is just like ‘a cold’ and would end when the weather gets warmer. These words are risky and are likely to entail class actions by individuals and organisations.

What the US can do to combat the pandemic are twofolds. One is to pressurise the CCP to take down the firewall, stop political manipulations, let the Chinese know the whole truth, and let the world help solve the virus together. This is the only way to cease the pandemic. The other is to offer substantial rewards for institutes and individuals to develop pharmaceutical solutions to the virus. Institutional inventors would be rewarded by 10 billion dollars, free uses of drugs and permanent tax holiday. Scientists who invent a vaccine or other effective remedies would be rewarded by a hundred billion dollars after tax. This is to revive the US’s appeal to worldwide top talents.

Stock Markets

The stock markets have been going downhill overwhelmingly. Any upturn is short lived and no more than a swan song. The sole market index that has gone upwards is the VIX, an indicator of investors’ fear of expected market.

The US Federal Reserve’s injection of 1.5 trillion dollars is like using a thread to harness a dashing wild bull. Free from gold/silver currency standard, paper money is anchored in state power and credit. Financial market is a battlefield of information. Information is controlled by the 1% most powerful market stakeholders. Possessing information, market and finance, these are the Fed’s shareholders. Yet with 80% institutional investors, the Fed’s rescue is merely a drop in the ocean.

With the loss of tens of trillion dollars, investors wouldn’t take it lightly. Political parties would use such loss to attack each other, for being close and trusting the CCP.

The World

Learning a hard lesson from the CCP-made pandemic, both sides of the Atlantic would realise that the other side is trustworthy and that to unite together would be their future. With shared faith, value and culture, they would re-connect economically. Supply chains and production lines, typically for pharmaceuticals, are to be relocated and established in each other’s territories.

Whereas the US and Europe are reunited, the CCP China has to group with the under-developed Russia, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Having suffered from the pandemic, the West won’t let the CCP get away with it. A Virus War, a contemporary version of the Opium War, is for certain in consideration to bring the CCP accountable for the truth, the incurred losses and liabilities. In the following two years, the world will witness warfare of finance, politics, propaganda, cyberspace, science and technology, geopolitics, and finally firearms.

Drafted by: Guo Library

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1 year ago

hope that US starts the investigation asap to find the ROOTS of this WORLD WIDE MESS.



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