Proposal Passed in District Council to Stop Inviting PRC Officials From Hong Kong Liaison Office to Funding Activities

The Central and Western District Council in Hong Kong have passed a proposal to stop inviting PRC officials from Hong Kong Liaison Office to funding activities. The proposal was raised by Kam Nai-wai, a founding member of the Democratic Party and also a District Councilor. The discussion took place during the second finance committee meeting on March 12, 2020.

Pro-democracy district councillors questioned that the participation of PRC representatives in local activities could be an act to infiltrate the community. They mentioned that organization should not used regional funding activities to show their political loyalty.

District Officer representing the Hong Kong SAR Government Susanne Wong has repeatedly refuted the district member’s opinions on this issue, arguing that they should not be restricting guest invitation. The officer claimed another discussion with the Home Affairs Department is necessary and said that “guest invitation should not be in the scope of discussion within the district council meeting”.

She further stated that “(she) cannot see how the Hong Kong Liaison Office is intervening with the autonomy of Hong Kong”.

Source: In-Media

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 17, 2020