Guo’s Remark in 90 Seconds: Crises, WWIII and CCP Demise

What is the CCP government doing?

Hong Kong   Miles Guo’s intelligence source informed him that the CCP leaders’ decree is clear: to crush the Hong Kongers to kneel down, lie on the ground, totally submit. Keep the city and wipe out the Hong Kongers, or force the Hong Kongers to be 100% obedient. They have decided to replace Hong Kong by transforming Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Macao and Shanghai into new ‘oriental gems’.

Wang Qishan’s seven tactics to quell Hong Kong protests have been implemented. For the four shameless groups – the super-rich tycoons, entertainment circle, legal professionals and financiers, the CCP has promised privileges. For the protestors, thousands of fake vehicles painted in Shenzhen, Zhanjiang, Zhuhai as those used by Hong Kong police and paramedics have been operated in Hong Kong. Quasi- bioweapon and bioweapon have been used. The CCP’s armed force have been arresting 10,000-20,000 protestors. Various PLA garrisons in Hong Kong are used to dispose of the bodies of slaughtered Hong Kong protestors. Over 20,000 Hong Kong residents with their origin from mainland China have been detained and transferred back to China. At least 60% will disappear for good. Coming next will be that more Hong Kongers are suicided, disappeared or contracted with the virus in inexplicable ways.

China   The true infected populations and death tolls caused by the virus epidemic in Beijing, Chongqing, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jinan, Jiangsu, Hangzhou are shockingly high. The CCP government has forced the majority of workers in Hubei to leave for Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to work. It is taking various measures to resume productions and is ready to cost 100 million people’s lives. It implies that one out of every 14 Chinese could die of the virus infected at working places as intended by the CCP.

Economically, the CCP is faced by a mixture of deflation and inflation. While there is industrial overcapacity, supplies and demands mismatch thus affecting consumers’ confidence. Among the world’s 250-350 trillion debt and deficit, 17% is from the CCP alone. Due to over-printing and over-issuing currency, China’s debt and deficit amount to 800-900% of its GDP.

The world   To solve domestic crises once and for all, the CCP is conceiving a military assault on Taiwan, which would partially involve the US. A war is expected to keep people busily working, forgetting the tragedy caused by the epidemic, and to overcome the economic crisis. The ultimate goal is to enable the CCP regime to last longer. Consequently the US, Europe and the rest of the world are likely to repeat the tragedy of a regional or even a world war.

What warfare is expected?

The coronavirus outbreak blows the horn of warfare waged by the CCP against the western democracies. The goal is to cripple the US power, do away with the dominance of the US dollar as the global currency and conquer the world.

The CCP’s warfare will take place at multiple fronts, typically bioweapon and firearm based, economic and finance, web science and technology.

The coronavirus, the CCP’s bioweapon, has caused worldwide pandemic. More cities and countries are expected to lock down. Many celebrities and political leaders would be caught by the virus. With over 100,000 contagious cases, President Trump announced a national emergency. In case this figure reaches one million, the US would be in a war status, with national self-defence forces activated in all states. A Third World War (WWIII) might be an option on the table.

The firing point of the WWIII would likely be either the South China Sea or the Middle East. Taking up to two years, the WWIII would cost the lives of 200-300 million people.

The US-China trade war is only a minor economic conflict. Though fluctuating, the stock markets would go downhill for sure with the bubbles bursting. The world could be in a 5-10 year economic recession. Financial warfare between the two countries would be staged from next week. At the end of the day, Hong Kong dollar would not exist any more. The Chinese RMB would be worth joss paper.

Being a carrier of modern science and technology, the internet would unavoidably become a main wrestling arena of the CCP and the US.

What would happen to the CCP?

It is for sure that the CCP regime will be finished off soon, with or without a war.

Without a war, the CCP regime could end as soon as the end of this May. The causes are likely to be the elimination of the most powerful leaders resulted from the CCP factions’ conflicts, elite coup or uprising, civil protests, and the collapse of the economy. In this case less people would die. Yet the CCP with its members may still exist.

Alternatively, with the WWIII going on for two to three years, the CCP would be thoroughly destroyed. The Chinese populace, like the German’s, would promptly fuse into the international community. Meanwhile, the 90-million CCP members, like German Nazis, would get their comeuppance for their liabilities of (1) genocide of the Muslims in Xinjiang, oppression in Tibet, massacre on the Tiananmen Square on 4th June 1989, persecution of religious believers; (2) committing anti-human crime by developing and deploying the coronavirus as a bioweapon; (3) waging regional/world war.

Drafted by: Guo Library

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1 year ago

Hello Miles,

I feel an unbelievably deep sense of gratitude for your insight, courage, and organizational skills in being a genuine maverick by taking the world stage on the absolute, most important ‘event’ since WW2.





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