The Farm: [Opinion] “The cat is out of the bag.”

“The cat is out of the bag” is a phrase that means “a surprise has been revealed” — and for many of our friends and family members, many more unfortunate secrets will be revealed soon. Here is a great resource to help ease what may be a jarring transition for many still adjusting to the idea of a postponed 2020.

For any new readers just joining, here is a brief timeline of previous posts (this is the full list) on the topic of the virus and how the CCP conducts information warfare along with various excerpts:

  • January 18th, an initial disbelief about the nature of this virus.
  • January 21st, an explanation of how the CCP uses the CIA as a scapegoat for various issues in society — and how they create propaganda (using ‘legitimate’ news outlets to propagate false information, perhaps with foreign collaboration) in order to do so.
  • January 25th, presence of P4 lab disclosed by Bill Gertz
  • January 29th, screenshot:
  • January 30th, scientific evidence supporting the theory that the virus is manmade.
  • February 8th, 400 million people locked down

Tomorrow we will pass an important psychological threshold and numeric milestone. March 14th will likely mark the first day that China lost its ‘monopoly’ on ‘confirmed’ coronavirus cases — meaning that there will be more cases confirmed outside of China than have been reported within to date. The veil and the fog are about to be lifted.

A false idea has propagated that the CCP was capable of containing the virus in the first place — and now it’s PR machine has led many to believe it has even sent “aid” to Italy in the form of additional medical resources. This is indeed one of the most profound lies (the cat) ever told throughout all of recorded human history (the bag) as we are about to find out. Instead, radical elements of the CCP actually helped the virus spread quite effectively — and now it’s too late to stop it here without undertaking extraordinary measures.

The number of cases in “Other Locations” is just about to pass the number of reported cases in “Mainland China”. Try to remember this image — it’s a turning point.

Tomorrow we can expect additional information from Miles Guo regarding the latest market turmoil — and perhaps a little more about “Pandora’s Box”:

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