Citizen Journalism: managing the crisis of COVID-19

What should I do to protect myself from the coronavirus?

How long will the threat last?

Will it go away when summer gets here?

Will we eventually developed ‘herd immunity’ and, if so, when will it start to kick in?

These are just some of the many questions viewers and readers like you are asking us, and Chris does his best to address these as best he can in today’s video.

And while the virus continues its global exponential spread, we are starting to see some positive news begin to trickle in. For example, it’s looking like the majority of folks who get the virus will not be contagious for as long as previously feared. And, it looks like good ol’ hand soap is surprisingly effective at inactivating covid-19. So wash your hands — a lot!!

While the data continues to show the vast bulk of coronavirus infections lie ahead of us, there is much each of us can do to avoid becoming a victim ourselves, and to help slow the outbreak’s rate of spread.

(GNEWS notes: the COVID-19 number coming out of Hong Kong is fake because the Chinese Communist Party is sending many infected to the mainland.)

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Mar. 10, 2020