Wake Up Folks, For Your Own Good 
— Here Comes Virus, Here Comes CCP

Author: Truth Seeker

The most terrifying thing is not getting infected with coronavirus, it is your ignorance — Miles Guo

It’s been 50 days since I first heard the term Coronavirus on Jan 19. From that point on, everything has changed dramatically. To me, this is no longer a piece of generic news that is for someone else to worry about. The tragedy is happening right now in China, people are being killed every single day — probably not by the virus though, but by the largest terrorist group of all time — The Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Unfortunately, most people here in the west would hardly understand where I am from. To many, they have been living in peace since World War II, so when a real global crisis rises, no one is ready for this.

A month ago, people would scan through the news, and shake their heads, “Oh my gosh, why would someone in China want to have bat soup for dinner?.”(CCP’s propaganda) Today, when they find out that they are restricted from traveling to a conference, are advised to stay home, or that virus cases were confirmed in their neighborhood, they would be like, “Trump administration is a total disaster, we do not even have enough coronavirus testing kits to meet this many demands!”

Well, wake up folks, for your own good. I mean, seriously, for God’s sake — every government, China or the US, communist or not, can only do so much. If you refuse to accept facts and learn the truth, nobody can save you from this plague. It has clearly become pandemic. The worst mentality is begun by thinking, “Luckily, I would not get infected with ….” There is no such luck when you face this man-made, Communist China — Wuhan Virus, or The CCP Virus.

  1. For those like me who have families and friends in China, and have been following the Rule of Law Foundation, Steven Bannon’s War Room and so many other channels online, we are indeed lucky because we have learned so many hands-on strategies and nice little tricks to save ourselves and our loved ones from being murdered by the CCP. Whether that is self-quarantine at home, ordering hydroxychloroquine online (only for our fellow Chinese in mainland China), or storing food that is good for at least several months, if not for a year. On top of everything, though, few would disagree with me that one of the most powerful skills we have gained today is the ability to read through the news with a magnifying glass, really understand the meaning behind this news, and identify if that is Fake News.

You might think that by “Fake News” I point fingers at the Chinese government underreporting actual numbers of deaths and confirmed cases. There is no doubt about that, though that is only a part of everything. Have you ever wondered that why the reported numbers are exponentially increasing in South Korea, Italy and Iran whereas now in China, other than Wuhan the origin city, the rest of the country have found zero new cases since March 1? All the recent reported new cases, as CCP claimed, came from other countries such as Iran and Italy.


A Big Fat Zero.

Or one of the biggest lies that ever made to all mankind?

But there are other things that are more than mind-boggling, it’s not only about the numbers that the CCP is making up. And I can go on and on for days and months without a break. 70 years since the CCP was in power, they have done nothing but harm the earth and plant spiritual viruses in every Chinese brain via their propaganda.

Maybe you got some of these in your head, too.

Maybe all of us were fooled by the CCP.


But let’s put all that aside for now, and ask ourselves, “Why should we care, whether or not everything we read is true or not? As long as I protect myself well….”

Well, I don’t really care if you care or not because, the virus is now in the US, Europe, etc. And the only place without coronavirus is Antarctica. If you plan to take a vacation having fun with penguins, now is a good time to book your flight.

Except — do plan your vacation a bit longer than usual and, by the way, when you are traveling, get some masks for yourself just in case, in the airport, you know, lots of people there …. But, can you even order a face mask right away, if you are in the US or Canada? You may find something online, but how long would you have to wait? Go check out yourself.

You might say that I am exaggerating all these, coronavirus is nothing but a flu — it’s like when you go out someday and could be hit by a car. And there are nearly 60K people die from flu or flu-like illness each year. Well, in that case, “let me just do what I normally do, live my happy life, and leave the rest to God. I don’t easily get overwhelmed by anything. Fear is not even a word in my dictionary,” you think.

Except — we are all normal human beings, and humans are social animals. If you live in a big city, most of us go to work by train or bus. I arrive in the office, solve problems with a team, have lunch with my clients, attend meetups in the city, and have weekend parties with my best buddies. Life is awesome, isn’t it?

Medical Workers Can Be Infected Easily.

And therefore, you are connected to people in a physical space. Don’t get me wrong — I am not asking you to lock yourself at home from anyone. But if you are not self-conscious, unaware of how quickly this coronavirus could get to you and to your loved ones, then you are not responsible for yourself or your family and, therefore, you put everyone in great danger.

Ignorance can kill you, it certainly is already proven since this outbreak was “officially announced” in China, a day after I watched Lu De Talk that anticipated the news, and revealed the facts.

Coronavirus is contagious, very very contagious; a car accident is not, not at all.

Flu is contagious, but we have something called the flu shots.

Where is a such shot for coronavirus? When do you expect we can have one? Do you believe that we can ever get a vaccine or a panacea by the end of this year? Can you even tell if someone gets infected with coronavirus? How many different ways can this virus be spread from one to another? Why is the virus so deadly, so contagious?

And Most Importantly — How The Heck Was Everything Started?

I do not know all the answers above. But one thing is certain, I do not want to risk my life, so I adjust my daily routine and habits. I work from home, say no to handshakes or hugs from my friends on the street (in a polite manner), and stay away from parties or large gatherings as much as I can. If I go to the grocery, I wear a face mask and put my gloves on. Finally, I wash hands for at least 15 to 20 seconds every single time.

I recommend that you do these, too, for your own good.


In fact, you can do even more, a lot more, especially if you are advised to stay home and don’t have that much to do.

Unlike our poor fellow Chinese who can hardly come out to the other side of the firewall to seek the truth, you have that freedom to explore everything you need to know.

Don’t think that social media is all that harmful, full of shit or scams. Because social media is the best way for average people to have a chance to spit things out, hear a voice, learn the truth.

You don’t have a firewall. You have a brian. A normal human’s brain without too much harmful propaganda or mental virus that was planted into every single Chinese’ brain by the CCP.

You have freedom of speech, you can think freely, make your own judgment, say whatever you want, and that is powerful. So use your brain and do your reasoning backward — what kind of holy water that average Chinese can drink from the CCP’s grail that makes them strong and immune from getting infected with coronavirus all of a sudden? So powerful that it miraculously makes the number of new increased case ZERO, literally, overnight!

If you think that the scenario above sounds too good to be true — good job, you are still awake.

But wait, you just read from WHO, and they are saying … basically, “it is not that bad, so do not spread FUD and I better shut up!

Look, if you believe in WHO, here comes the second trap.

Please do your homework and find out where Tedros is from, and how much money the CCP gave to his country under the “One Belt One Road” initiative. Oh, just so you know that, a new announcement was made yesterday that the CCP is donating 20 million USD dollars to WHO … That’s astonishing! Apparently, the CCP is rich, and China’s economy is back with full steam then…

But according to Forbes, China’s first-quarter GDP growth in 2020 could fall to as low as 4.5%, and last year, the “official” number is 6.1%…

And the decision-makers in Beijing are clearly on their heels for the ever-shrinking national economy, so that they would have to force people to go back to work.

Wait, but what about coronavirus … Does it mean that the government is risking its own people’s lives for GDP? Well, who gives a damn about the virus anymore, and who cares about the poor Chinese? If the government does not treat their own people as individual human beings, what can we do as outsiders?

In reality, the Chinese do not have any choice. if they refuse to go back, they will starve to death. Quarantine in China does not mean that the government is coming to save their people’s lives with proper treatment, food or water; it means that the police come to your home and lock you there to DIE! If Chinese do travel to work (by the way, that means billions of people go back to large cities from their hometowns after they spend time with their families for the Chinese New Year), chances are, they will almost certainly get infected with the virus.

You might wonder, why don’t the Chinese say NO to the government? This is clearly intolerable, nobody wants to risk their own life for making up a good looking number on the national GDP chart!

Well, what else can you say if you have no basic human rights, freedom of speech, and above all, an open, fair and transparent system that is governed by the rule of law?

I’ll leave you to figure out the consequence of denying the authority in China.

Remember, WenLiang Li the doctor who tried to alert the public, was tortured to death when he was infected with the virus. He did not even get any treatment. The CCP’s orders.

Remember, hundreds of thousand people in Hong Kong have been battling against the police force from mainland China since last summer.

Do you know how many of them, including Chan Yin-lam, have been murdered and raped since last year?


And these extraordinarily brave people are still fighting hard. They fight for their freedom.

Hong Kong’s police force wants to hire 2,500 new officers in preparation for more social unrest. KYLE LAM/BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES

If you know nothing about these facts, check out gnews.org.

In mainland China, even if you are a warrior and have the guts to speak up — there is that great wall, again — The Great Firewall that keeps any truth to be either told or heard on any Chinese social media whatsoever. People have doubts, they hesitate, but most of them really believe in what they’ve been told by the government — that there is no new virus case confirmed outside of Wuhan. “Pack your bags and it’s safe for you to go back to work now.”

So there they are, coming back to factories, office buildings, apartments in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen with happy faces. Finally, huh, they can breathe some air… Not so fresh though.

In the next second, they realize that all of them are put in quarantine by the police force.

And they have to pay for everything while in quarantine — room, food, water, “treatment”, etc, etc.

Even if they get truly lucky and can work, their salaries are cut to one-third of the original numbers, because of the bad national economy as a whole.

Pathetic, isn’t it? But what can they do? What can you do? What can I do?


Before we can do anything about it, those foreign governments who are close to the CCP also believe in everything that this crafty liar has been telling them. They keep their doors open, withdraw the travel ban, and start working with the Chinese companies again to support the economy in China…

What will happen to y’all then?

Let me be very clear that, I do not intend to incite any hatred, anti-Chinese ill will or Xenophobia. I am originally from China, and that is my beloved home country.

But I want you all to stop questioning your own government for a second, and trace the origin of coronavirus. Especially if you are in the US — imagine that Trump did not make the travel ban in effect immediately after the virus announcement was made in China, what could have happened?

And for those who keep complaining about the lack of the virus testing kits — with the newly signed $8.3 billion funding bill, every state lab in the country will be able to conduct coronavirus testing. After the clinical trials are completed, tests will be ready for each and every one of you, if you ever need them.

For those who are in Europe, Canada, Japan, and Korea — the officials in your governments are normal human beings. They respect the rule of nature, your individual well being, authentic data, and facts. So you are far less likely to get hurt by your own government, compared to those in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Panic, do not. Fear, do not.

So long as you care about the truth.

To be honest, you don’t know how jealous I am, for you all can live in such a democratic, fair and free society. This is the biggest luxury to 1.4 billion Chinese. You can travel to anywhere you want even though you reside in California, Maryland, Washington or New York where these states declared emergencies. Whereas in China, such emergencies mean nothing but a travel ban to its finest degree, or literally, “Seal the City”. Nobody can get out from their own house. If you are found on the street without a mask on your face, you will get arrested and put into jail.

In case you get infected with coronavirus, say you are “lucky” and have connections with someone in the government, then you may get yourself a spot in the “FangCang” hospital where you receive no individual treatment but some random Chinese herbs. Every single one of you in that hospital will get exactly the same treatment — not from doctors, but from the CCP officials.

How can anybody from the government who is not a doctor tell me what kind of treatment I should get?

If you are not so “lucky”, meaning you are just an average citizen with no “respectable” social ranks in the Communist society, you will be put in quarantine till you die at home. No information about you will be leaked on the Chinese social media, period.

Therefore, your name will not even be included in the list of the “confirmed virus cases” or the “death list” in the official statement and the national database.

You came to this world, and now you left us, quietly, like dust in the air…


This is just the beginning.

Do you think this is a proper way to put people in quarantine? This is cross-infection.


According to Miles Guo, “40 portable incinerators are burning 1,200 corpses on a daily basis, in addition to 47 crematories running in full capacity.

Another — 1MM incinerators is on the way!”

And this was two weeks ago. Now you probably have heard that coronavirus quarantine hotel in Quanzhou, China collapsed, more than 70 people were trapped, and at least 10 were killed.

An accident? Or simply too many people are in quarantine now that the government is out of source?

Oh by the way, did you know that there is an ingenious yet simple trick to make all the cities outside of Wuhan achieve no new infections in China?

Let me tell you the secret — if you are the government, you say it out loud, word by word, “We have ZERO new increases! Woohoo!”

That’s it.

Because the CCP is the “one and only” authority in China. They are the GODs who are above everyone, everything, and they are everywhere. To most Chinese, their messages are the orders from the GOD.

Exactly — the government announced again that zero new cases was identified outside of Hubei province a day ago. And they are simply sending everyone who in fact was newly infected with the virus in all other provinces to somewhere secret in Hubei. This way even the doctors in many hospitals would tell you that, “You know what, we are in great shape! Nobody comes to us anymore. It’s almost over now!”

Look, the CCP does not even attempt to save people. On the contrary, they hide everything, everyone, every little fact, and detail from the rest of the world. It’s not only about their underreported numbers of deaths. This is a massacre. A humanitarian crisis. I’ve never seen any normal human being, a government can be even more deadly than the Nazi regime because these barbarians are committing genocide against their own people!

Wake up y’all. If they can do that to Chinese, they can certainly, absolutely, 100% do exactly the same thing to y’all.

And they are doing just that right now!

Because the CCP themselves are a virus.

Do you now still believe that these creatures are normal human beings?

At this point, you can answer some of your own questions —

Why did Pompeo blame Communist China for putting the U.S. “behind the curve” in trying to contain the coronavirus outbreak?

What could happen to the US medical system, if everything was as planned by the CCP?

What could happen to the US dollar status as a global reserve currency?

Do you still dream to get your money back from the stock market that is tanking with no signs of a bottom?

In speaking of the medical system, you probably cannot find a place to order masks right away, since nearly all the masks are “Made in China” previously, and you expect the CCP to give you a cheap mask that is of some good quality? Don’t be so naive. Luckily, however, this will change soon as India, Taiwan and other nations like Vietnam are much better alternatives than China. That’s why Trump traveled to India last week, and the US House unanimously passed TAIPEI Act a few days ago.

This is a bio-weapon war.


Let’s switch gears for our final subject in this piece, and focus on the vaccine.

If the whole world is heavily infected with coronavirus, the companies that come up with vaccines will save the world and, make a TON of money. Agreed? But with a non-stopping coronavirus evolution, those with the most virus samples will have the largest chance to make the vaccine. Who do you think that has these samples?

Let’s rephrase the question a bit differently. Do you think those who have the biggest pool of virus samples would be willing to share the data with the rest of the world?

As far as I know, the world — whether it is the US, Japan, South Korea or Europe have all been releasing as much data as they can, uploading their respective virus samples online. This information is invaluable for scientists all around the globe to study and use.

Who are we missing here? How many data sets did the CCP contribute to the world?

This is the CCP, folks. Wake up y’all.

Just like any totalitarian, Communist China is more than ruthless, cruel, and bloody greedy — if coronavirus turns into a flu and comes back every single year, how much money can the CCP make just by holding on the virus samples without sharing them to the rest of the world?


They are not even animals, these creatures are devils.

Regrettably, I cannot tell you everything about the CCP in one article, it simply is impossible.

You would not believe me anyway if you don’t do your own research.


So let me be very clear —

From now on, please stop calling it as coronavirus — it is the Communist China — Wuhan Virus. Or the CCP Virus.

As you may also find out, I no longer call my home country as “China” but “Communist China”.

Please remember: Chinese ! = the CCP.

Chinese are not devils. We love peace, and we want freedom, democracy, and justice badly.

But if our government is so shameless that they even want you to say “Thank You” to them. Yes, you hear me correctly. The CCP said that the entire world owes them an apology, just because they’ve earned time for y’all through their “hard-fought battle against coronavirus”.

Did I ever mention that the CCP made and released this virus?

Did you know that the Hua Nan Seafood Market — the place where virus outbreaks were discovered is being torn down by the CCP right now?

That’s why Miles had said, “Everything has begun.”

The virus outbreaks originated from Wuhan, yet Nanshan Zhong, the head of the Chinese national science team argued that the origin of this new coronavirus might NOT come from China but could be ANYWHERE in the world. What does that tell you?

Do you still believe in the news and paper you read that cites the number from the CCP?

Where should you start then, if everything is a MESS now, and you do not trust anybody?

After all, where did I learn all of these and sound like I know everything?

First off, you should trust your own government, they are not the CCP. They come to serve you, help you, and care about your individual well being. They are not here to eliminate you.

If you know English, I recommend Steven Bannon’s War Room and here. You will learn a ton there.

“The most terrifying thing is not getting infected with coronavirus, it is your ignorance.”

I wrote this piece, but all the ideas and reasonings are from Miles Guo, Lu De, Laojiang, Dr. Bo, Ms. AnHong, Ms. Aili, Rick, and many many more behind the scenes.

You will know them all. They are the true warriors. Things happen for a reason, and everything is connected to one another.

In Buddhism, there must be a cause, followed by a consequence.

Do not expect coronavirus to disappear anytime soon, get prepared, both physically and mentally. Wash your hands, clear your mind, and follow your soul to seek the truth.

Do not ever ask me again about why truth matters, or that “I don’t care everything else but my own well being”, or “show me the evidence that the CCP is behind all of these…”

After all, I trust that you don’t want to share a common destiny with the CCP, do you?

Truth can be found from gnews.org, and from many of our fellow warriors’ tweets, videos, audios, articles, and interviews.

This is Revolution Exposé.

Everything Has Begun.

Communist China wants nothing but ruling the world. Please join us to bring down the tyranny and save innocent lives by helping spread the truth.

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Mar. 10, 2020