3000 medical workers infected with virus very early!

‘On March 6, CCP admitted that: in the early days of this epidemic, mainly in January this year, and before January, more than 3,000 medical workers in Hubei were infected. Of these, 40 percent are infected in hospitals and 60 percent in communities. All are local medical staff in Hubei, most of them are not from the Division of Infectious Diseases. As for now, more than 40,000 medical staff have been to Wuhan for support. Based on the information we have, no infected case has been reported.’(Not reported, again!

How to explain 3000 medical workers in Hubei got infected in January when CCP claims no human-to-human transmission at that time? The answer is disturbing. CCP hid the virus outbreak information which led to a global pandemic!

One more question: does the regime export the coronavirus (AKA CCPVirus) on purpose?

Author: Ying

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Mar. 09, 2020