4 Months Since The Death of Chow Tsz-lok, A Suspected Victim Of Police Brutality: Stop And Search Everywhere

March 8 marks the 4th month since the death of Chow Tsz-lok. Today, Hong Kong citizens held a memorial in Tseung Kwan O, and riot police was deployed all around the district this afternoon.

Chow Tsz-Lok, a 22-year-old student, fell from a height in a car park at Sheung Tak Estate, Tseung Kwan O, during a police dispersing action in the early morning of Nov 4 2019, and passed away on Nov 8 2019.

Spokesperson of the memorial said that, in order to avoid the riot police on scene to have excuse to carry out any disperse action, participants should avoid shouting slogans, and should remember the lost brothers in silence.

However, before the memorial, hundreds of riot police officers deployed in Tseung Kwan O. They conducted stop and search everywhere in Sheung Tak, from Sheung Tak car park, Sheung Tak Estate, Sheung Tak Plaza to the bus stop.

Lots of civilians were stopped and searched, including teenagers, middle-aged civilians, a Foodpanda delivery rider and two ladies with white flowers.

At around 20:16 o’clock, a man was seen being brought to a corner, and he lied on the ground. It was unsure if he was hurt. Riot police asked all reporters to leave, and surrounded citizens outside Sheung Lai House.

Blue flag was raised 5 minutes later, indicating that citizens we’re participating in an unlawful assembly, and warned people on spot that force would be used for dispersal.

At least 3 teenagers were stopped and searched. Riot police officers were rude to them and requested them to take off their jackets and even violently press civilian onto the ground.

It was reported that from the evening of March 8 to after mid-night on March 9, police arrested over 40 civilians in Tseung Kwan O.

Source: Apple Daily, HK01, Real Time News Broadcast, Cupidnews, PSHK, HKGolden Forum, The Egg’s Club

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 08, 2020