[China] Asymptomatic patients not being marked ‘confirmed’ cases

Author: Ying

According to the Chinese Health Commission’s announcement on Feb 14. It said: Asymptomatic patients shouldn’t be included in confirmed cases or suspicious cases.

The official announcement from Global Times

Quote the announcement from the Chinese Health Commission: “Transmission is less likely as these patients do not have symptoms like coughs and sneezes. Asymptomatic patients should be quarantined for 14 days. According to epidemic related regulations, only suspected and confirmed cases will be announced to the public. Asymptomatic patients should not be included, only if these patients experience symptoms during quarantine, they will be counted as confirmed cases.

This is CCP’s backdoor to the consecutive ‘ZERO New Confirmed Cases’ in most areas of China. A citizen from Wuhan called his friend from Hubei Disease Control Centre today. The insider told him that ‘new patients including both confirmed cases and suspected cases were classified as asymptomatic patients.’ This instruction was from the Chinese Health Commission. Local government/institutions followed the instructions. And only the first half “Asymptomatic patients are not included” were followed closely.

Expose from a citizen in Wuhan

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Mar. 08, 2020