Final Battle of the CCP – The Biological Weapon for Unrestricted Warfare (Part II)

Translated by:Himalaya Hawk Squad

David‘s War Room Live 2020.02.28

Evidence of the Preparation for Unrestricted Warfare (2)

Additional Strategies and Timing

Adapted from the livestream broadcasting of David’s War Room on February 27, 2020. David, the host, used his logic mind analyzed a series of events happened early 2019 to prove that the CCP had prepared a perfect plan to attack US and the West. There are 4 parts:

  • A. Domestic Preparation: a serial of events related to the outbreak;
  • B: International Preparation: from WHO to Event 201;

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  • C. Additional Strategies to Achieve Unrestricted Warfare;
  • D. The Timing – Why Now?

C. What are the strategies the CCP playing to achieve the unrestricted warfare?

The CCP has studied the unrestricted warfare very well. Mr. Peter Navarro has been warning the world about the potential threats from the CCP for past 14 years. Mr. Bill Gertz stated the military ambition of the CCP in his book 20 years ago. Mr. Bannon also talked about what CCP’s evil plan is many times in his livestream broadcasting programs. Not to mention that Mr. Miles Guo has been exposing this to the world for the past three years.

  • 1. Bill Gates and the West

From the part A, we know that the unrestricted warfare has already started, they were unintentionally used by the CCP, and the database got tampered, including the US health department information, then we want to ask why Bill Gates and the US institutions are doing this? Don’t they know that they are helping the CCP to do evil things, right? And not to forget the things happened at the Canadian biological laboratory.

  • 2. Hong Kong

Mr. Miles Guo already told the world that there might be biochemical weapons used in Hong Kong on June 13, 2019. The outbreak started in Hong Kong in August and September. Then followed by mainland China. Is it correct? Now it happened in the United States.

  • 3. The CCP’s 79th Army’s Chemical Defense Drill on June 11, 2019

Let’s look at this video clip from [Journalist in position]. Please pay attention to the time point the article was published. In the past two years, I have been talking about this in my show. I knew the PLA was up to something; however, I did not know what exactly they were doing then. Who can publish the video clip about the 79th company of the Army? It must be their own propaganda department.

“Chemical defense brigade: Exchanging job responsibility training in order to be able to meet the battle needs”. Do you see what’s going on here, My fellow warriors? Who is driving all these trainings and drills? Is it just by local government? Does the army get involved? Please pay attention to the date, June 4, 2019. Let’s look at more. Again, anther report about the 72 company of the army, the chemical defense brigade. This is a series of continuous reports on them. You can link these together with the statements from the CCP foreign propaganda.

  • 4. The overseas’ propaganda program of the CCP

You can then judge the behavior of CCP and its foreign propaganda. It was the CCP overseas’ propaganda who exploits the crash of the stock market and the spread of the Coronavirus in America these couple days. Those reports were more serious, meticulous and with sharper wording than those reports used domestically.

Why everything was linked to the “Diamond princess”? Weren’t the drills of cruise ship and flight mentioned earlier? Do you remember the slogan that “The virus is only one flight away from you”, and “the virus is also only a cruise ship away from you.” The CCP knows how to play, right?

This is to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. This is how the CCP wants to launch a large-scale biochemical warfare, that is, an unrestricted warfare.

  • 5. China is also a victim

After the global outbreak, one might think that China is also a victim. Following by the story happening on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, one will take all outbreaks for granted. The CCP knows how to blind your eyes and cover your ears so that you feel everything that happened was all reasonable. Then, let you feel sorry that we all are victims. The CCP has successfully hided its strategy and the truth of spreading the virus, right? (CCP will say) We are victims. Look at us, how terrible is the epidemic in China!

  • 6. Military and Militia Integration

From the last National Day parade on October 1st 2019, militia marched separately from the parade proper but they were there in the parade. It was on November 24th, 2019 the CCP announced the Chinese Communist Militia Management Regulations by the Central Military Commission. You will find that the military-civilian integration has been quietly on its way by the CCP and the formation of militia is an on-going effort. And we have seen the PLA has started biochemical warfare training since April 2019 or earlier.

It means that a serial of strategies the CCP’s unrestricted warfare with civil-military integration and the destruction of the US and the west through BGY etc., have been planned for a long time. To reach the goal, the CCP has a complete mobilization plan within the whole party (the CCP) and the whole military (the PLA).

  • 7. Going around the US to take down the US.

The Diamond Princess was only a cover-up! Look at the Hong Kong harbor and those key spots on the Belt and Road initiatives. Let’s take a look at all these places (dots) that have outbreak today. Aren’t they important stops of the Belt and Road? From the Middle East to Italy, how smart the CCP is? Italy represents Southern Europe and is known to be a transportation hub to the entire Europe. Italy is a strategic fulcrum of Europe and Southern Europe. Look at the importance of Italy and its connecting ports along the Belt and Road!

Additionally, according to this logic, what is the purpose of the infection to be spread to these countries? The US’s border has shut down for visitors from China and the CCP can’t go to the USA. Also isn’t it too obvious that the CCP attack the US directly? So the CCP spread the virus to South Koreans and Japanese first. People from South Korea and Japan can still fly to the US. They then spread virus to Canada, can Canada fly to the US, right?

The CCP just wanted the US to understand and give in. What does this mean?

Now the whole world is infected and please don’t blame the CCP. Look around and you will see all countries around USA, including the US’s back door, are got infected people.

Let me tell you, my fellow warriors. You see here, Mexico. You just wait. I put my bet here, if the CCP continues the plan, Mexico will be the next one and then the United States with a sudden outbreak in a densely populated place in a large city. The CCP wants you Americans to think the spread is a reasonable outcome. [The next day of the broadcasting, Mexico had its first confirmed case.]

D. The Timing – Why Now?

Why did it turn into such a chaos and out of control?

In past year, the CCP has tried several times to challenge the US, including the Mar-a-Lago incident to approaching Trump, the CCP cyber force stealing a large amount of data, data hacking and stealing from American laboratories; through diplomacy working with US Democratic Party during the warm-up events with US primaries; the CCP tried to influence American farmers saying, “it was Trump who started the Trade War and Trump should be responsible for it.

In other words, the CCP’s earlier strategy was to take down Trump through these tactics, but they all failed. Why? This is because the Exposé Revolution. I think the success is because the collaborative strategies between Mr. Miles Guo’s and the US.

The CCP realized that the US-China Trade War would sooner or later destroy the CCP and this was unavoidable. In addition, the street protest movement happened in Hong Kong starting in June was also out of control. So, what can the CCP do now? The CCP showed its ambition and started to conduct these exercises and drills in China. Looking back, this is what they originally planned for the unrestricted warfare and biochemical warfare. It was just that the CCP did not implement it or it was temporarily suspended for some unknown reasons.

What are the reasons to trigger it to start? In the Phase 1 of the trade agreement, the USA took a step back, not to insist their original demands. Then the negotiation was dragged on till the end of December and the agreement was signed in January, right? So the strategy of the CCP was to sign first and deal with it later.

But during this period, because of political struggles, internal strife or some unclear reasons, someone released the virus and then got it out of control. We can clearly see the CCP’s motivation. But why didn’t the CCP hide the P4 laboratory and why did the CCP try to cover up the evidence after coronavirus getting out of control? The CCP did so unprofessional this time. In one David’s previous show, I called it “half-baked rice”.

Well, now all plans have been revealed, the internal struggles of the CCP are elevated, the virus has spread to Beijing and Shanghai, and everyone are struggling to survive.

What could they do now? What the CCP can do now is only to proceed. The CCP knows that if the CCP cannot take down the opponent, the opponent will take down the CCP. Politics, power and even lives of the CCP are vanishing. The CCP is going to be exterminated. What should they do? So, the CCP is like “a nervous dog jumped over the wall” – let’s release the virus at particular points all over the world. This is just my thought, my fellow warriors. But the logic is sound. They thought it’s better to live terribly than to die respectively. This is the topic of today’s program, the Final Battle of the CCP.

The CCP to the West1:0

The biological warfare has launched by the CCP and the response from the US and the world remained to be passively. If this is a football match, the CCP has already got the first point, 1:0.

First of all, this biological warfare happened unexpectedly and did catch the United States off guard. Ten people from the Oakland base in the United States were quarantined. When were these people infected? And the infection will continue. This kind of disease and the types of warfare make the United States defend very passively.

Secondly, this biological warfare has taken up a lot of public resources in the United States. This biological warfare will occupy the administrative resources, medical resources, and social resources of the United States. Will the US be ready for the coming storm?

Thirdly, the CCP had already planned to launch this biological warfare, and it had prepared for it for a long time to take down the United States. The CCP hoarded masks, and now the United States and other countries suddenly find themselves unable to buy masks. Moreover, the CCP quietly controlled the production of critical drugs and raw materials of the drugs of the United States. The United States is suddenly found to be stuck between a rock and a hard place so much that its national security is threatened, and the regular operation of the medical system is also endangered.

Finally, in this biological warfare, the CCP wanted to abduct the Chinese people to destroy the United States. The CCP has realized that the United States is suppressing itself from politics and economy. It took the lead in poisoning the country and dressed itself up as a victim. Nobody will suspect the CCP will go out to kill the wold because it is also a victim. The CCP is too crazy to create chaos and try to survive in the chaos. The accident happened; poisoning is out of control. Finally, it poisons the Chinese people and the people of the world.


This plan of unrestricted warfare has been existed for a long time but the CCP wanted to be a perfect plan. You can tell from those drills and strategies, including the US infiltration through Gates Foundation, the establishment of databases and models at Johns Hopkins University, and the WHO. With data sharing, deceiving, media control, BGY etc., these tactics demonstrated they do have a plan; however, during the implementation, it turns into chaos and then out of control.

The CCP try to escape by crafty scheme through its team of foreign propaganda and sleepers. The CCP is laughing but the whole world is suffering from the virus and ignoring the CCP who was the origin of the chaos. This actually reflects the evilness of the CCP and its unrestricted warfare. We have to understand this and not to underestimate of our enemy!

David’s analysis today fully demonstrates the logic, rehearsals, organization, mobilization, and alliance with international forces of the CCP’s biochemical warfare. The CCP has deliberately launched a biological war, thinking that it can conceal the truth. The result must be a complete awakening of the people of the world. The people of the world will unite and beat the CCP. The CCP is digging its own grave and will soon jump in itself!

Edited by 【HimalayaHawkSquad】

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