Plainclothes Disguise as ‘Staff’, Intimidate Elected Councilors to Escort Police Commander Away during District Council Meeting

A general meeting was held by the Eastern District Council on Wednesday, March 4. Police commander Peter David Whitton and Chief Public Relations Officer, Hu Min-yi attended the meeting on behalf of the Eastern District Police division.

However, when the District Council began to discuss complaints about the police, Whitton suddenly left claiming that it was “inappropriate” for him to stay.

A group of pro-democratic district councillors attempted to stop him from leaving and followed him outside the meeting room.

Suddenly, several plainclothes officers appeared and disguised themselves as “staff” (see photo), while refusing to show their police badge.

They escorted Whitton away while violently confronting district councilors who were directly elected.

Source: Inmedia

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 08, 2020