Police Inflict Violence and Sexual Assault on Street Sleepers, District councillors and catholic communities demand apologies

Around Seven black-clad police officers stroke on street sleepers’ properties and canned food in Tung Chau Street Park, Sham Shui Po on February 24. They threatened to wipe out the homeless communities in Hong Kong.

A policewomen pushed a man with chronic disease to the ground, tore his hair and even stepped on his intimate part.

A witness Shan, who was living in the rainshelter of the park, said that the police destroyed all of their tables and boxes while bags of rice were stabbed and scattered.

The witness was forced to press on a knife’s handle and slandered as possession of an offensive weapon. He further added that the police may target to search for illegal drugs to charge them. He felt helpless since he needed to repurchase food and cleaned up the glass shatters amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Rev. Timothy Lam, Rev. Franco Mella, Shiu Ka Chun Legislative Councillor’s office and district councillor from ADPL condemned such shameful behaviour and criticised the government downplayed the homelessness issue. They urged the police to apologize and explain above case in the coming district council meeting.

Source: InMedia

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 06, 2020